The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) and Insurance Capital Markets Research (ICMR) are pleased to present a detailed analysis and comment on the Lloyd's 2023 results. 4/15/2024
Lloyd's 2024 Insights Report
Dorottya Tornai, an Executive, Legal Trainee at the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA), examines the European Parliament's adoption of a Directive to harmonise the enforcement of EU sanctions. 4/8/2024
New Rules to Harmonise Criminal Enforcement of EU Sanctions
Pressure is mounting to find and use renewable energy supplies to fuel a more sustainable future. This is a universal challenge for all sectors, as we transition away from traditional fossil fuels to reduce emissions. 4/4/2024
The Energy Transition Journey
AI/large language model (LLM) technology is perhaps the greatest operational change in recent industry memory. In this blog, our Legal Trainee Thomas Singleton explores obligations and risks associated with new AI Regulatory Developments. 4/2/2024
AI Regulatory Developments - Understanding the Obligations and Risks
Tereza and Thomas share their thoughts about what attracted them to a career in insurance law and what they hope to achieve in the graduate programme. 3/25/2024
Meet our second Legal Trainee programme recruits
Lloyd’s announced its best ever profit last week of more than £11bn which sets it on course to achieve its best returns on capital for over 15 years. As part of the LMA’s desire to share analyses and insights with our members, this summary of Lloyd’s 3/11/2024
LMA Summary of Lloyd's results 2024 Part 1
Faizan Mahmood takes us through a day in the life as a LMA Legal Trainee. 2/9/2024
A day in the life of an in-house trainee solicitor - Faizan Mahmood
This publication aims to unveil a snapshot of the present AI landscape, encouraging discourse and deliberation within the actuarial community, steering the conversation toward embracing AI's opportunities while managing associated risks. 2/8/2024
Artificial Intelligence and the Lloyd’s Actuary: A Snapshot of Opportunity and Risk
Sheila Cameron launches the LMA's Strategic Focus which provides details of our priorities for the year ahead. 1/22/2024
LMA Strategic Focus 2024
On 12 October 2023, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released its long-anticipated Green Agreements Guidance, following a short consultation period at the beginning of 2023. In this blog, our Legal Trainee Tereza Kamari explores this. 1/16/2024
Navigating the CMA's Competition Law Guidance for Environmental Sustainability Agreements
In our latest blog, Alex Koukoudis, a Senior Executive in Finance and Risk at the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA) and Seema Bradbury, Chair of the LMA's Risk Committee, delve into the role of the Chief Risk Officer. 12/6/2023
The Role of the Chief Risk Officer
Dele Fajimolu, a Senior Executive in Technical Underwriting at the Lloyd's Market Association, delves into the intricate landscape of offshore wind, offering valuable insights into this burgeoning field and its implications for insurers. 11/21/2023
Offshore Wind – Growth and Opportunity
Tara Allen takes us through a day in the life of a LMA Legal Trainee. 11/1/2023
A Day in the Life of an In-house Trainee Solicitor - Tara Allen
Our Head of Marine and Aviation and secretary of the Joint War Committee, Neil Roberts spoke on the fourth episode of The Political Risk Podcast, for World Maritime Day at the recent IUMI conference. 10/26/2023
Marine War Risk: IUMI special
How do blockades work? Neil Roberts explores this topic with examples of how different blockades have been implemented in the past. 4/6/2023
How do marine blockades work?
World Autism Acceptance Week is Monday 27 March - 2 April. Fiona Temple explores why this is an event particularly close to her heart and the wider organisation. 3/28/2023
World Autism Acceptance Week
Quality data is critical to underwriting performance, and the industry collects plenty of it already. In this blog Paul Davenport explores how we can improve ESG data for underwriting. 3/10/2023
Why is Collaboration Key to Improving ESG Data for Underwriting?
Rob Myers' ‘Episode Three’ musing on where we’ve got to and where we are going with London Market Blueprint Two modernisation programme. 2/9/2023
Opening the Doors to Blueprint Two
Find out more about the LMA's focus and priorities for 2023 1/31/2023
Read the 2023 Member Manifesto
LMA's Head of Underwriting Strategy discusses the unique challenges insurers in the Lloyd’s market face in relation to ESG data. 1/24/2023
The market recognises the need for standardisation
As ESG data continues to rise quickly up the agenda, Paul Davenport examines what the focus for Lloyd’s insurers should be. 1/23/2023
Insurers must understand what ESG means to them
Our CEO Sheila Cameron discusses with Insider Engage a busy year ahead for the LMA. 1/4/2023
An Agenda for Change
Andrew Oakley, Head of LMA Academy and Ian Simons, Customer Director at the CII, discuss Product Simplification Courses. 11/30/2022
Product Simplification
Tara and Faizan share their thoughts about what attracted them to a career in insurance law and what they hope to achieve on the graduate programme. 11/28/2022
Meet our first Legal Trainee programme recruits
LMA's Claims Director talks about joining the LMA, the impact of modernisation on Claims and the top agenda items of our members. 10/26/2022
Meet Janine Powell - LMA's Claims Director
Sheila Cameron highlights the importance of culture and team in building a successful organisation. 10/10/2022
The Two Secrets to a Successful Business
Paul Davenport, Finance Director at the Lloyd’s Market Association discusses the landscape of the regulatory environment. 9/7/2022
Financial Services and Markets Bill
Neil Roberts, Head of Marine, recently appeared on the Lloyd's List Podcast to discuss the Ukraine grain shipping. 8/23/2022
The Lloyd’s List Podcast: How shipping is managing the risk of lifting Ukraine grain
Sheila Cameron, Chair of the London Market Group's Data Council, talks through what to expect from the intelligent Market Reform Contract (iMRC). 8/23/2022
Benefits of iMRC
Rob Myers shares his thoughts on the progression towards a data-first, digitally-enabled London market in the most ambitious end-to-end transformation programme. 8/10/2022
Blueprint 2: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
A number of LMA chairs and CEOs, past and present, share their insights on the LMA’s creation, evolution and future. 6/28/2022
Celebrating 21 Years of the LMA
Sheila Cameron, CEO of the Lloyd’s Market Association and chair of the Data Council outlines the five key areas of digitisation efforts across the market. 5/17/2022
Data Council
Matt Wood, Head of Technology at the LMA introduces the Lloyd’s Market Information Sharing & Security initiative born out of the LMA Chief Information Security Officers Committee. 5/4/2022
Lloyd’s Market Information Sharing & Security initiative
A full explanation and insight into the design and reasoning behind the cyber war clauses which will help explain the benefits to clients. 4/29/2022
Cyber War: evolving our approach to an evolving risk
As Chair of the LMG's Data Council, Sheila Cameron discusses how collaboration was vital to agreeing a market data standards methodology. 4/4/2022
The Power of Collaboration
The LMA has produced a podcast series focusing on a day in the life of a claims adjuster, claims broker and delegated claims administrator 3/30/2022
'A day in the life' series - claims roles
This Joint PwC / LMA report what is required to create the hybrid claims workforce of the future 3/29/2022
Hybrid claims workforce of the future
Explore the LMA's interactive Member Manifesto 3/2/2022
Focusing on your future: Our Manifesto
Following the conference of COP26, more airlines will be committing to a more sustainable business, working towards the target of net zero by 2050. 2/21/2022
Sustainability push in the aviation industry
The LMA is working with underwriters to support and assist the med mal market, with several important projects underway. 2/10/2022
LMA focus on Med Mal
CEO Sheila Cameron talks of a sense of renewed confidence in the market as she looks to the challenges ahead in 2022 1/25/2022
Reasons to be Optimistic about 2022
LMA guidance for insurers handling ransomware incidents impacting an insured. 12/10/2021
Guidance for Handling a Ransomware Incident
LMA's Head of Regulatory Affairs Steve Morell breaks down the FCA’s new Policy Statement PS21/5 on General Insurance Pricing Practices. 11/23/2021
Collaboration eases new compliance challenge
LMA's Finance Director Paul Davenport explores the links between capital and strategy which are shaping current decisions in the market’s C-suites 11/22/2021
Capital and Strategy in the C-Suite
LMA's Underwriting Director Patrick Davison discusses how time spent in the Lloyd's Underwriting Room can be optimised for targeted and complex negotiation with numerous markets. 10/25/2021
Returning to the Underwriting Room
David Powell, LMA's head of technical underwriting explores the introduction of policy language clarifying the treatment of cyber risks. 9/28/2021
The challenge of clarity: cyber risks and policy language
The Maritime Industry has welcomed the news that the Lloyd’s Salvage Arbitration Branch (LSAB) will remain open, subject to a review on funding and a push for its greater use. 8/6/2021
Lloyd’s Salvage Arbitration Branch sails on
The Operational Resilience bandwagon is now well and truly underway. 7/16/2021
Operational Resilience Working Group update
In November 2020, the LMA embarked on Project Dare to address the underlying issues causing the steady decline of premium from delegated authority (DA) partners. 7/15/2021
Why we must Dare to transform how we distribute business
LMA's Paul Davenport dicusses the findings of a new survey on climate change action by Lloyd’s managing agencies. 6/24/2021
Managing agencies have a lot left to do on climate change
LMA's Head of Marine & Aviation, Neil Roberts, questions whether the use of sanctions has reached the limits of effectiveness. 6/21/2021
Managing sanctions: time for a rethink?
A joint LMA/ICMR panel debate exploring the options available to investors and underwriters of the Lloyd’s platform for value creation, whether through ILV or third party capital routes. 5/13/2021
Third party capital vs building value
Chief risk officers are no strangers to adapting to significant changes in our industry. Yet those brought about by COVID-19, one of the most dramatic events in the market’s history, seriously tested the CRO’s capacity to adapt. 5/7/2021
Post-COVID challenges for the Risk Function
In many ways the Lloyd’s Bloodstock market epitomizes Lloyd’s as a place to do business; it is a specialty marketplace with expert underwriters working with niche brokers to provide unique products to a global client base. 4/13/2021
2021: A Big Year for Bloodstock at Lloyd’s
Find out about the new Expert Management platform that enables carriers to better manage their relationships, associated performance, cost and policyholder outcomes, while managing and assessing claims expense and leakage. 3/16/2021
Gemini – Disrupting Expert Management & Fee Processing in London
Sheila Cameron talks through the LMA's 2021 priorities. 3/1/2021
Foundation for the future
In 2019 the Future at Lloyd’s could not have anticipated the accelerant of COVID-19, lock-down and all that it brought with it. 2/2/2021
Future at Lloyd's: Blueprint Two – ‘it's now or never'
Find out about themes that emerged from the first week workshops & interviews, which included over 300 contributions from the global DA community. 1/18/2021
Together we are going to change DA
Fiona Temple, our Academy & HR Director, explains the importance of organisations and their employees reskilling and to adapting to changing work environments. 12/11/2020
L&D post-COVID - Readying talent for the roles of the future
LMA's Ioanna Romanou discusses the challenges for underwriters around achieving asset valuation accuracy and the purpose of the new Property Damage Valuation and Average Clause for Onshore Energy Risks. 12/2/2020
New Property Damage Valuation and Average Clause for Onshore Energy Risks
The LMA and PwC launched the Claims Curriculum Evolution Programme as part of our aspirations to support the upskilling of the claims community. 10/5/2020
Claims Curriculum Evolution
Kate Markham, CEO of Hiscox London Market speak with Sheila Cameron, CEO of the LMA and Louise Smith, Chief Digital Officer at Lloyd's around market modernisation 9/9/2020
Hiscox MarketTalk - market modernisation
Underwriting Executive, Phil Norwood, details the ramifications of General Average law in the modern world. 9/1/2020
General Average Security – Stationary in an Advancing World
The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Lloyd’s initiatives to identify quantify and manage cyber risks have led to a rapid adoption of wordings that would exclude casualties occurring as a result of a cyber attack. Is this a problem? 8/27/2020
Cyber – overlooking an out-moded gap in cover?
Lee Elliston talks about the LMA, who they are and what they do as well as providing an update on the Lloyd's blueprint for market reform 8/3/2020
LMA - supporting the market
Lockdown has not halted cooperative work between the 35 Lloyd’s and company market underwriters that form the Joint Cargo Committee (JCC) and London brokers through LIIBA. 6/15/2020
Cargo Communicable Disease Clause offers flexibility
To assist our Members in meeting Lloyd’s new requirement to clarify cyber coverage in all product wordings the LMA has published a suite of model cyber risk clauses for use in the accident & health and travel insurance market. 6/9/2020
LMA Publication of Model Personal Accident Cyber Clauses
The current situation surrounding COVID-19 has helped to highlight a area of concern for many aviation insurance practitioners. 6/2/2020
Non-Aviation Cover in the Aviation Market
When GDPR took effect in May 2018, it signalled the start of more aggressive privacy oversight and enforcement. 5/26/2020
GDPR Second Year Anniversary
Jamie Straker-Nesbit explores the reasons as to why now is the time to consider the post-lockdown impacts of missed health checks and maintenance. 4/27/2020
Missing maintenance and health checks?
LMA's Finance Director explains the importance of collaboration in the market around climate change. 3/31/2020
Wider Collaboration key to meeting climate risk challenge
At the LMA we recognise that this is a critical time for Lloyd’s, the market and our members, the release of blueprint one says as much. 1/1/2020
What the Future at Lloyd's means for Claims
David Powell, LMA's head of non-marine discusses the significant challenges around adding affirmative policy language to clauses . 12/9/2019
The Challenges of Affirmative Cyber Language
LMA's Head of Claims Lee Elliston explains how digitising claims can drive customer centricity. 12/2/2019
Digitising Claims
LMA's Head of Claims Lee Elliston explains how organisations can prepare for a modernised claims model. 10/8/2019
Claims > Evolution not disruption: skills, processes and technology
Our Head of Technical Underwriting explores the reason why despite the rapid progression of digital of services over the last 20 years or so, many insurance policies are still “silent” on whether cyber risks are specifically covered or excluded. 7/6/2017
The challenge of clarity
The LMA’s A new survey on climate change action by Lloyd’s managing agencies shows solid progress on physical risk assessment and management, but a distance to travel in other areas. 2/16/2016
Managing agencies have “a lot left to do” on climate change
Ted Wainman of Talk Financials has partnered with the LMA to deliver several new programmes as part of the Finance Academy offering. 12/15/2015
Guest Blog - Learn the language of Finance
Ted Wainman of Talk Financials has partnered with the LMA to deliver several new programmes as part of the Finance Academy offering. 12/15/2015
Guest blog - Advanced Reading (Insurance) Financial Statements