LMA Claims Committee (LMACC)

The role of the group is to provide leadership and direction for the Lloyd’s claims community and to advise the LMA Board on strategic claims matters. The TOR of the Committee can be found here  .

The Chair is Peter McLoughlin, Renaissance Re.

LMACC's purpose

The LMACC exists to: Operate as an Exec Board for claims, requiring the membership to establish policies and set out strategic objectives and priorities that support the delivery of claims service excellence, whilst promoting and enhancing the brand, performance and reputation of claims.

The LMACC’s vision: The LMACC’s ambition is to change the world’s perception of Lloyd’s claims, becoming global leaders in claims service excellence.

LMACC's strategy

Strategic Themes

The LMACC will undertake a programme of initiatives to meet the following objectives, under the strategic themes of:

  • reputation & promotion
  • service excellence & customer value
  • digitisation objectives
  • developing a broker and customer centric claims culture & model
  • improving claim & customer outcomes
  • revolutionising technology and processes
  • professionalising & promoting claims
  • improving market collaboration & engagement

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