Claims online Bitesize sessions 

The LMA Claims and Delegated Authority (DA)Team are pleased to announce a series of informal and engaging online bitesize presentations designed to keep you informed of key claims & DA developments and market initiatives. 

DACG YP Presentation Everything You Wanted to Know about First Party Property

07 December 2023

Co-Lead CLCA Workshop

22 November 2023

DCA Forum

29 June 2023

The DCA Forum was held to update Managing Agents, brokers and DCAs on current topics. We were fortunate to host a wide market participation who listened to speakers from the DACG, Lloyd’s, Vitesse, MIS and the LMA. The main focus of the forum was the upcoming CAT season and how to best prepare before, during and after an event. McKenzie Intelligence Services showcased their geospatial intelligence capabilities and Vitesse updated the attendees on the Faster Claims Payment concept that is being rolled out across the market. With the introduction of the Claims Lead Arrangement on the 1st of June Lloyd’s and Hannah Lander from the Property Insurance Claims Group gave an overview of the changes that were introduced and how it impacts the DCA community.


Head of Claims Forum - Vitesse & Gemini

03 March 2022

This forum showcased two areas of change where market-wide adoption to deliver real benefit to our members is encouraged. The forum covered Vitesse (loss fund management & faster claims payments) and Gemini (expert management and fee processing), both of which are central to the Future @ Lloyd’s roadmap for claims, and are indeed contractually covered off in the Joint Solution Plan as 'Third Party Market-Trusted Applications'. 


Download Gemini presentation slides

Download Vitesse presentation slides


BITESIZE 28: DARE - a vision for the future of DA 

15 July 2021

Members of the LMA’s Delegated Authority Committee talked through the three stages of project DARE: re-engage, re-imagine, re-volution and the key concepts, ideas and approaches that form part of the future vision created by the DA community, for the DA community. 

Materials: Download presentation slides

BITESIZE 27: Gemini – Fee and VAT solution for LIC

06 July 2021

Paul Bermingham, Chief Executive Officer, Advent and Tim Bowling, Claims Senior Executive, LMA discussed how the adoption of Gemini, following Lloyd’s Europe support, can be utilised to positively respond to the fee and VAT claims reporting requirements for open market and DA business. 

Materials: Download Bitesize 27 - Gemini – Fee and VAT solution for LIC supporting materials

BITESIZE 26: Faster Claims Payments 

24 June 2021

This session covered a deep dive into the faster claims payment solution, how it is constructed, the envisaged process and the alignment with the DA process improvements as part of the changes end to end in the DA claims process. 

Materials: Download Bitesize 26 - Faster Claims Payments slides

BITESIZE 25: MIS - Getting ready for storm season  

23 June 2021

An opportunity to see the Global Events Observer (GEO) ahead of it's launch.

BITESIZE 24: Future at Lloyd’s - Delegated Claims Improvements  

22 June 2021

This session provided attendees a view of the delegated claims improvements and how they support the future state of claims within Future at Lloyd’s.  

Materials: Download Future at Lloyd’s - Delegated Claims Improvements slides 

BITESIZE 22: Lloyd's Insights Hub for Claims  

17 June 2021

Understand how you and your claims team can access the trusted source for Lloyd's market statistics, intelligence and performance analysis at a syndicate and market level.

Access to this page is restricted to Full LMA Members only (login required).


BITESIZE 21: Advent - Delegated Authority Portal Solution - Managing Agent Case Study 

22 April 2021

Paul Bermingham, Managing Director, Advent and Duncan Pease, Head of Cyber Claims, Axis discuss Advent's case study on the solution to fixing the issues with the existing DA bordereau and funding model. 

Materials: Download Advent - DA Portal Solution slides 

BITESIZE 20: A practical example of how claims are approaching the design and delivery for Blueprint 2

10 December 2020

This session provides insight on set up and operation of the Claims Lab. It describes how we are cross-working with other workstreams within claims and the collaboration with the market participants.

Materials: Download Claims bitesize 20 - Claims - Design and delivery for Blueprint 2

BITESIZE 19: Overview of Blueprint 2  - Getting Covered and Recovering from a Loss

09 December 2020

This session gave an overview of what is contained within Blueprint 2 with firstly a view of all component parts, the customers journeys and a focus on the claims solution elements for Open Market and Delegated Authority.


BITESIZE 17: Vitesse - European Loss Funds Post Brexit - how we can help

16 November 2020

Vitesse joined us to provide an update on how they can help support your London Market European Loss Funds by leveraging their approved Brexit model. They provided advice on how managing agents can best leverage this model, as well as practical advice on changes that may need to be made to contracts and how they can assist with the migration process.


BITESIZE 16: Lowers Forensics International- Stratis – The Future of Standard Claims Accounting is Now

11 November 2020

Stratis helps claims professionals save time and expense by applying automation and standardised processes to business income calculations. This next-gen approach to claims management and quantification embraces technology and communication to boost human performance, creating greater efficiencies and a more nimble response to resolving claims, giving your team the power to solve more problems and better serve your clients.
Materials: Download Stratis slides   

BITESIZE 15: Gemini - Expert Management

03 November 2020

Now Gemini phase 2 is live, Advent are offering the Gemini Expert Appointment Service, which will enable all MAs to start using Gemini ahead of any WriteBack integration. Delivers fee payments and allows MAs to start to understand how much they spend on their Claims Experts.
Materials: Download Gemini - Expert Management slides   

BITESIZE 14: Subrosmart - Intelligent Recovery

19 October 2020



BITESIZE 12: Delegated Claims Standards

08 October 2020

A detailed run through of the new DA claims standards that will help drive an improved and more consistent claims experience for all stakeholders.



McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) – geospatial data and imagery analysis.

In this session MIS will cover how to access & fully optimise their unique, centrally funded shared service through the lens of both risk/exposure management teams and as a claims handler. Additionally how the market can improve accuracy of initial reserves by using their timely and reliable data. Lastly MIS will outline the evolution of the technology driving their product in line with funding secured from the European Space Agency.

Bitesize 10: Risk/Exposure Teams 

30 September 2020

Bitesize 11: Claims Handlers

07 October 2020


Additional information including contact details for MIS can be found here .


BITESIZE 9: KPMG - COVID Business Interruption Outlook

28 September 2020

Prior to the High Court judgement on 15 September, KPMG developed an interactive tool that explores the unfolding business interruption (BI) situation. Our experts will bring some of these elements to life and discuss the implications of the judgement and what to do next.

Additional information is available to our LMA members only (requires logging into our website) which can be found here


BITESIZE 8: Claims Workforce of the Future

22 July 2020

Materials: Claims Workforce of the Future


BITESIZE 7: Future @ Lloyd’s – a focus on Claims  

14 July 2020

A deep dive on FAL claims, to inform the market of key decisions that have been made during lockdown and the changes/priorities that have been considered to the overall plan to best inform Q3 and Q4 deliverables.
Materials: Download Futere @ Lloyd's slides   

BITESIZE 6 : Vitesse - Busting the Myths 

16 June 2020

Materials: Download slides  


BITESIZE 5: DA SATS - The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Right Now

10 June 2020
Materials: Download DA SATS slide    


BITESIZE 4: Project Chorus

28 May 2020

A brief update on the Chorus Project, followed by an open-house Q&A session.
Materials: Chorus - what are the key things happening that you need to know?


BITESIZE 3: Gemini - Expert appointment, fee processing and spend analysis

03 June 2020

An update on Phase 2 (summer delivery) functional and service components that deliver expert and budget management, expense monitoring, reporting of spend and expert payment.
Materials: Gemini FAQ

BITESIZE 2: Small Claims Auto-Settlement (SCAS) Proof of Concept 

27 May 2020

The Proof of Concept is intended to demonstrate the advantages of automating small and repeated settlement transactions following determination of coverage.
Materials: Download SCAS slides   

BITESIZE 1: Delegated Authority Claims Update

22 May 2020

An update on initiatives positively impacting the Delegated Authority Claims community, covering Delegated Claims Standards (DCS), Co-Lead Claims Agreement (CLCA) and the recently produced Delegated Claims Authority Agreement (DCAA).




Introduction to the ACORD Data Exchange Platform (ADEPT) with a focus on claims

27 January 2021

Mark Bennett, Vice President, Business Development and Simon Whittle, Vice President, Product Development of ACORD delivered an educational session on the ACORD Data Exchange Platform (ADEPT), a next generation interoperable API platform built by ACORD Members with an objective of driving global data exchange for Placing, Accounting and Claims. 

Materials: Download Introduction to the ACORD Data Exchange Platform (ADEPT) presentation slides

Part VII: A Q&A With Lloyd's

A presentation by members of Lloyd's on how Part VII will impact the DA world, hosted by Clare Knight of the LMA.
Materials: Download Lloyd's slides - DA Community Part VII


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