LMA Operations Committee

The LMA Operations Committee (LMAOC) is responsible for coordinating LMA’s work on market operations issues and for ensuring that the collective interests of LMA members are represented in all areas of process modernisation. Specifically, LMAOC:

  • provides a forum in which managing agents determine their common objectives in process modernisation and formulate the strategy for achieving them
  • exerts influence on the direction, priorities and pace of the London market modernisation agenda through LMA’s representation on the London Market Group (LMG) and its Boards and sub-groups
  • works with the Corporation of Lloyd’s to align Lloyd’s market processes with the needs of managing agents
  • advises the LMA Board on process issues and agrees with the Board a set of principles on which the LMA will exercise leadership for the market.

The chair of the LMAOC is Sheila Cameron.

LMAOC committee members.

LMA representation: Tom Payne.