Structured Data Capture (SDC)

Project Genesis was a package of measures identified by managing agents during 2013 to enable insurers to realise more of the potential benefits available from the changing process landscape at that time. At the heart of Genesis was the concept of a shared Data Capture Service (DCS), but this has now been superseded by Structured Data Capture (SDC) within the TOM Programme where data capture is more automated than manual.

However, DCS continues to run in live operation and can provide an outsourced, shared service taking input from insurers of MRC information in any format and turning it into rich structured ACORD standard data.  It does this once on behalf of all subscribing insurers, making data available to insurers’ back-office systems and to core central processes.

The project was driven by a Steering Group under LMA chairmanship and reporting to LMA's Market Processes Committee and IUA's Process Efficiency Group until development ceased in 2015.

Further information

Further details of the Data Capture Service (DCS) are available from the resources page.


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