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Artificial Intelligence and the Lloyd’s Actuary:
A Snapshot of Opportunity and Risk 

Sanjiv Sharma
Head of Actuarial & Exposure Management

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There is a perception that artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance and streamline processes across various industries. In the insurance sector, ongoing discussions are taking place among different functions and roles to explore the potential benefits it could bring to their future work.
This paper aims to unveil a snapshot of the present AI landscape, encouraging discourse and deliberation within the actuarial community, steering the conversation toward embracing AI's opportunities while managing associated risks.

We thank Valerie du Preez, Founder of Actuartech, for her contribution via the research done by the Actuartech AI industry focus group. Actuartech is a specialist in data science and technology training and services. It provides leading insights and research on the topic of actuarial technology. Actuartech can be contacted at