Electronic Claim Files (ECF)

The ECF initiative was commenced by managing agents in 2004 and the infrastructure delivered for use in November 2006. Since then the IUA has also been engaged to ensure that ECF can be utilised across the London market. Continuing improvements and enhancements to the system will need to be undertaken and the governance for this is shared primarily between the AAC and ECF User Group.

Further information

ECF website
All documentation on ECF can now be accessed from the ECF website.
ECF User Group
The User Group provide a forum for sharing user experiences and the development of best practice, for the benefit of the ECF user communities.
ECF2 has added further benefits to the exisiting ECF system, ECF2 has now been delivered and is business as usual.
ECF Best Practice Group
The Best Practice Group communicates any significant issues and ECF best practice amongst the ECF Groups and the broad market community.