ECF2 began development in October 2009 and was successfully delivered between June 2011 and February 2012. The programme of work is designed to give the user greater flexibility, a more intuitive work experience, better productivity, swifter turnaround times in the claims cycle, access to better management data and improved claims capability. ECF2 is an enhanced electronic platform for claims handling.

The role of ECF2

Primarily, the role of ECF2 is to introduce:

  • Claims Work Flow Services
  • Claims Work Flow Triggers
  • Single Sign On
  • Claims Agreement Screens
  • Document File Viewer (PDF/OCR)
  • Claims Data Warehouse
  • Seven market level reports
  • Work in partnership with the market and Xchanging to ensure delivery

Key issues

  • Implementation/roll out and change programme management
  • Conversion of 4.4 million documents for use on DFV
  • Plan for business as usual document management
  • Monitor & manage performance issues
  • Maintain full quality controls
  • Update the SP&P and other related documents

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All ECF information can be accessed from the ECF website.