ECF Best Practice Group

The ECF Best Practice Group was established in 2008 and provides a forum for live current ECF issues to speedily investigate causes and suggest solutions for day to day claims practitioners. Membership is open to all. The LMA organises quarterly meetings for the group and it reports directly to the ECF User Group (ECFUG). Click here for the Committee Terms of Reference.

Role of the Group

  • Provide a clear communication channel for market claims people on ECF issues
  • Facilitate solutions, workarounds or suggest system changes
  • Give advice where appropriate
  • Report to the ECF User Group
  • Drive general best practise across the market for ECF

Key issues

  • Co Lead Binders
  • E-Discovery
  • Third Party Access
  • ECF static review
  • SP&P update

Current Projects

  • ECF SP&P update and revamp
  • Training and perception- improving functional knowledge use and relating processes


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