LMA Claims Committee (LMACC)

The role of the group is to provide leadership and direction for the Lloyd’s claims community and to advise the LMA Board on strategic claims matters. The TOR of the Committee can be found here .

The Chair is Tony Rai, Hiscox.

The LMACC 2017-2018 report highlights the delivered and in flight projects and activities included in the LMACC Workplan. An update to the progress of the initiatives for 2018 can be found here .

The committee aims to:

  • drive the strategic direction of claims for the Lloyd’s market
  • provide leadership and establish priorities to ensure the Lloyd’s market consistently delivers a high quality claims service to customers
  • promote the Lloyd’s brand and the markets claims service
  • direct and prioritise strategic and tactical change projects that will either support, enhance or modernise the Lloyd’s markets claims offering
  • ensure the LMA Board is appropriately informed on claims matters and risks, and provides the Board with recommendations on strategic matters
  • provide updates and representation at the Lloyd’s Franchise Board and TOM Steering Board (as appropriate) on both strategic claims matters and the LMACC’s / markets priorities



Committee minutes can be downloaded from the Members' area, log in required: 

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