Non-Marine Committee (NMC)

The NMC is responsible for technical and wordings matters reflecting the full range of underwriting activity in the non-marine market. Its activities are supported by a number of permanent Non-Marine Business Panels and (as necessary) by ad hoc Groups. It meets monthly and ultimately reports to the LMA Board. Click here for the Committee Terms of Reference.

Key Issues

Aside from the sector specific issues reported by the Non-Marine Business Panels on a monthly basis, the following issues, which impact across the underwriting community irrespective of class of business, are currently being considered by the NMC:

  • E-Placing
  • Future @ Lloyd's projects
  • Coronavirus/communicable disease exposures
  • Lloyd's Brussels and Part VII Transfer
  • Wordings projects   
  • Cyber risks

Role of the Committee

The NMC's role is to act as the conduit for effective communication between individuals working within the Non-Marine market and the LMA; to co-ordinate the activity of the various non-marine business panels; to monitor the progress and quality of the LMA Non-Marine Team’s activities; and to facilitate and drive the Committee's core activities:  

  • Technical Issues - to (variously as appropriate) identify, seek views upon, consider and respond to underwriting and technical issues, particularly those referred to NMC by the LMA Underwriting Committee
  • Delegation and Co-ordination - to bring issues to the attention of, monitor and, where necessary, co-ordinate the activities of non-marine Business Panels and other committees and groups, particularly to assist NMC in connection with its own handling of underwriting and technical issues
  • Accreditation of Wordings - to approve non-marine policy wordings, clauses and other documents submitted for LMA accreditation
  • Communication - to ensure effective communication to and from non-marine practitioners and others relevant to business transacted by non-marine practitioners and to provide a focal point for communication between the Non-Marine community and the LMA.


The Non-Marine ‘Wordings & Contracts Forum’ was established to support the NMC in its responsibility for technical and wordings matters, and specifically its role to develop or revise non-marine policy wordings or clauses for adoption as LMA accredited wordings.

To do this, the ‘Wordings & Contracts Forum’ works alongside the permanent LMA Business Panels and (as necessary) ad hoc Groups / Working Parties formed to address specific wordings/technical matters, and refers the policy wordings or clauses to the NMC for approval.

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