All wordings produced by the LMA can be accessed from the Lloyd's Wordings Repository

Lloyd's Wording Repository (LWR)

The Repository provides underwriters with access to established model wordings and clauses which are in current use, in all lines of business, against which slips/MRC can be referenced. The Repository includes all wordings developed by the LMA and wordings developed by other industry organisations, as well as many wordings from individual managing agents, other insurers and brokers. It also provides managing agents with access to ISO wordings and a link to the BRMA website.

The Repository - searchable by reference, market, class of business, jurisdiction or language - enables users to view vetted policy wordings and clauses regularly used within the London market.

Staff working at Lloyd's managing agents (LMA members) are entitled to access the Repository free of charge. If you are a member and require a login to access this resource, please email LWR@verisk.com.

Recently issued wordings

LMA Clyde & Co's Guidance on Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012

Consumer Wording v6  

LMA5553- Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion and Malicious Acts Exclusion

LMA5476B   - Cyber and Data Limited Exclusion Endorsement 2A (for attachment to US General Liability forms)

LMA5475B - Cyber and Data Limited Exclusion Endorsement 2 (for attachment to US General Liability forms)

LMA5474B - Cyber and Data Limited Exclusion Endorsement 1A (for attachment to US General Liability forms)

LMA5473B - Cyber and Data Limited Exclusion Endorsement 1 (for attachment to US General Liability forms)

LMA9194A - Lloyd's Equine PDS Australia

LMA3159A - Lloyd's Equine Insurance (Australian Coverholder)

LMA9196 - Terms of Business Agreement Lloyd's Asia (for use outside Singapore)

LMA9195 - Terms of Business Agreement Lloyd's Asia (for use in Singapore only)

LMA5552 - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion (Liability Insurance (US))

LMA5551 - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion (Liability Insurance)

LMA5550 - Australian Delegated Claims Administration Endorsement

LMA5545 - Overseas Coverholder, Line Slip and Open Market Business (For inclusion in policy wording for Code, Complaints and Service of Suit)

LMA5058C - US General Coverholder Conditions

LMA5539 - Affirmatory Cyber clause (Political Risk & Credit)

LMA5427B - Political Risk Cyber Endorsement (for use with Political Risk/Political Violence Package Business)

JR2021-028A - Renewables Marine Warranty Survey Endorsement

JR2021-028 - Renewables Code of Practice, Renewables Scope of Work and Renewables Certificate of Approval Requirements and Examples

LMA5459A - Cyber Clause (Casualty Treaty) No. 9 Transactional Liability

LMA5455A - Cyber Clause (Casualty Treaty) No. 5 Bankers Policies, Electronic Computer Crime, Fidelity & Crime

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Use of wordings and clauses

From time to time, the LMA publishes wordings and clauses as models which can be accessed on the Lloyd's Wordings Repository and/or the LMA website. These models are provided as a service to members and clients of the LMA, are purely illustrative and not mandatory (unless otherwise specifically mandated by Lloyd’s, law or regulation). Members and clients are free to adopt or amend1 different wordings and clauses in their sole discretion. The LMA takes no responsibility or liability for the use of these models and it is the responsibility of the contracting parties to ensure and, where appropriate, take professional advice on whether or not model wordings or clauses comply with applicable laws and regulations, or are suitable for their intended use. The LMA does not publish written guidelines with regard to application or intent of any specific contractual terms and the LMA therefore cannot release any clause drafting history. The LMA (including all panels and working groups, which may include Joint Committees in conjunction with the International Underwriting Association (IUA)) in drafting such wordings and clauses operates under strict terms of reference to ensure, amongst other things, compliance with Competition Law.

1please refer to LMA’s bulletin LMA-21-027-DP on amending LMA clauses.

Cyber Clauses  

Published LMA Model Cyber Clauses (all clauses) 

Cyber War Clauses

Communicable disease/COVID clauses  

Communicable disease/Covid clauses table