04 February 2022

Lloyd’s Market Association announces market-wide agreement on “at the box or in the office” availability

The Board of the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) has today announced cross-market consensus on underwriters’ “at the box or in the office” availability. The commitment ensures Lloyd’s underwriters will generally be physically present for in-person trading with brokers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – either in Lloyd’s Underwriting Room or in their offices. 

Accompanying the agreement is a detailed timetable of underwriters’ availability, published by the LMA and available below (1).

Andrew Brooks, Chairman of the LMA and CEO of Ascot Underwriting Ltd, said: “This commitment underlines the importance of face-to-face trading in Lloyd’s. The ability to trade in person, to discuss specific risks personally in detail, is part of the singular value chain that Lloyd’s provides. Brokers, underwriters, and insureds all stand to benefit from ensuring this type of trading, unique to Lloyd’s, continues well into the future. 

“This availability agreement allows everyone to trade as they wish: at the box, in the office, or remotely, without accidently losing the advantages of trading in the Room. Personally, I'm looking forward to meeting our broker partners and underwriting colleagues at Lloyd’s or in their offices in the months to come.”

Patrick Davison, Underwriting Director of the LMA, said: “We saw approximately 1,200 brokers and underwriters enter the Lloyd’s Underwriting Room on each of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the first week in February – numbers similar to November 2021, when the market first returned to more normal levels of attendance.

“The commitment from LMA members to return to trade in person in the Room is made in support of the efficient negotiation and placement of complex risks as part of a hybrid working approach. In a dynamic marketplace made up of multiple carriers and brokers, different working practices are to be expected, but Managing Agents have shown clear support for a structured and transparent approach which incorporates working in the Room, in the office, and at home.”

Multiple underwriting committees have confirmed that the majority of syndicates represented on them will be at the box or in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Details of these committees and of underwriters’ availability will be published on the LMA website and may be updated in due course.

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Notes to Editors 

(1) Timetable of underwriters’ availability

Please note:

  • This availability is indicative only and indicates a critical mass of underwriters willing to meet and trade face-to-face.
  • This availability does not commit every underwriter in these classes to always be present on these days, just as was the case pre COVID.
  • Similarly, some underwriters will be available in person more frequently than outlined below.
  • If brokers wish to ensure they can speak with an individual underwriter, they should contact them directly
Committee Availability in the Room
Contingency Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
International Liability Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Joint Cargo Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Joint Hull Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Joint Liability Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Joint Rig Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Joint War Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Medical Malpractice Wednesday
Personal Accident Wednesday, Thursday
Political Risk & Credit Tuesday (AM), Wednesday, Thursday (AM)
Terrorism & Political Violence Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Worldwide Property Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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