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Rob Myers shares his thoughts on the progression towards a data-first, digitally-enabled London market in the most ambitious end-to-end transformation programme. 8/10/2022
Blueprint 2: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
A number of LMA chairs and CEOs, past and present, share their insights on the LMA’s creation, evolution and future. 6/28/2022
Celebrating 21 Years of the LMA
Sheila Cameron, CEO of the Lloyd’s Market Association and chair of the Data Council outlines the five key areas of digitisation efforts across the market. 5/17/2022
Data Council
Matt Wood, Head of Technology at the LMA introduces the Lloyd’s Market Information Sharing & Security initiative born out of the LMA Chief Information Security Officers Committee. 5/4/2022
Lloyd’s Market Information Sharing & Security initiative
A full explanation and insight into the design and reasoning behind the cyber war clauses which will help explain the benefits to clients. 4/29/2022
Cyber War: evolving our approach to an evolving risk
As Chair of the LMG's Data Council, Sheila Cameron discusses how collaboration was vital to agreeing a market data standards methodology. 4/4/2022
The Power of Collaboration


PFAS Exclusion Clauses
[LMA22-024-CM8/2/2022] The International Liability and US Liability panels have jointly produced two model clauses to exclude liability for Perfluorinated Compounds, Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).

Wildfire Mitigation Requirements, Deductible and Endorsement Clauses
[LMA22-023-JHF6/16/2022] The Renewable Energy Sub-Committee has produced three model clauses in order to assist with the prevention and mitigation of wildfires and vegetation fires.

Serial Loss and Serial Defect Clauses
[LMA22-022-JHF6/15/2022] The Renewable Energy Sub-Committee has produced a Serial Loss clause and a Serial Defect clause.

Press releases

Loan Market Association publishes a model form CRI policy document
[8/10/2022] The Loan Market Association, with the assistance of the LMA and the IUA has published a model form of Credit Risk Insurance Policy.

LMA Response to COVID-19
[3/13/2020] The LMA has set out a ‘work from home’ Business Continuity Plan from Tuesday 17 March up until the end of March. While the office is closed, the LMA is still open for business and operating as close to usual as possible.

LMA appoints new board members and sets board diversity target
[5/26/2021] The LMA has announced the appointment of four new board members and has also set a target to achieve greater board diversity in the near future.

Quarterly updates

HR & Academy Update
[8/3/2022] Update from LMA's HR, Academy & Communications Director for HR Directors and Heads of Talent, issued on

Operations Quarterly Update
[7/29/2022] Update from LMA's Operations Director Rob Myers for Lloyd's market Chief Operating Officers, issued on

Claims Quarterly
[4/13/2022] Update from LMA's Finance Director & Interim Claims Director Paul Davenport to Heads of Claims and their teams in the Lloyd's market, issued on

Chief Underwriting Officers' Quarterly
[3/21/2022] Update from LMA's Underwriting Director and Deputy Underwriting Director for Lloyd's market Chief Underwriting Officers, issued on