Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA20-015-TB | 03 April 2020

Gemini - Digital Expert Management & Settlement - Phase II 

This update follows the last Gemini bulletin  LMA20-005-TB  issued on 21 January 2020. The delivery of Phase II of the Gemini Claims Expert Management platform has been delayed by the impact of Covid 19 and the phasing of Write-Back vendor integration.

The delivery is now being re-planned and scheduled for July 2020.

To recap, Gemini will be the single platform that removes the complexity, delay and cost to experts submitting their fee to Lloyd’s carriers. It will deliver an efficient, straight-through fee agreement and payment process, whilst capturing granular structured data on expert spend that will allow Lloyd’s carriers to have true visibility of expert spend, usage and performance.

The design of Gemini remains aligned to the principles defined within Future at Lloyds. Gemini has been designed for the wider London market although initial delivery will be limited to Lloyd’s carriers, with expansion to ILU & LIRMA to be phased after July delivery. The LMA and LIMOSS will be reaching out to all managing agents ahead of deployment to engage on the onboarding of claims experts and the adoption of Gemini by each managing agent. I will be in touch with managing agents throughout April & May regarding the onboarding process, which will include the signing of a Market User Agreement, and the steps needed to onboard.

   Download the Gemini brochure  

Build & Delivery

The design and API specification that will enable Managing Agents using a Write-Back enabled claims management system to integrate seamlessly with Gemini has been has been finalised, leaving Charles Taylor and DOCOsoft to now complete the build and internal testing of their product to work with the new API specification. Once built, full functional, connectivity, performance and penetration testing will be completed in May/June before delivery of the solution in July 2020. 

Claims handlers will simply record the appointment of an expert within their claims management system, which will trigger a message to Gemini that instigates a request to the expert to submit any invoices under that claim via the Gemini platform, which in turn will be collected by Advent via a parallel UCR, and discharged immediately to the expert.

To engage with the project, understand more about Gemini or to initiate your adoption of the service please contact Tim.Bowling@LMAlloyds.com.

Tim Bowling
Senior Executive, Claims