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COOs discuss Blueprint at lively LMA Forum


Rob Myers
Operations Director

Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) recently hosted its autumn managing agent COO Forum. 30 managing agents representing 70% of market capacity attended to receive updates on the progress against 2019 priorities set by the LMA Operations Committee. 

Discussion moved to Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint One including key features, how investments made in the London Market Target Operating Model (LM TOM) ‘live on’ in Blueprint One and, importantly, opportunity for questions from the floor. Questions addressed: the scale of ambition & phasing of delivery; approach to defining business cases; the importance of the ‘data-first’ approach espoused in Blueprint One; and dependencies on broker engagement.

Discussion moved on to general topics during which participants shared experiences of Lloyd’s Brussels Part VII Transfer project and implementation and adoption of the DA SATS service for sharing data relating to delegated authority business. 

This is one of several activities over the coming weeks and months whereby all the LMA teams will be engaging their respective managing agent communities to gather feedback and support the advancement of the transition phase of Future at Lloyd’s. Watch out for notice of other events in Q4 and through 2020.

Published: 15 October 2019