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Modernised syndication at Lloyd’s: how might it all work?

20 Jan 20

  The goals are clear: modernised syndication seeks to deliver best-in-class underwriting, by raising underwriting and claims standards for leaders.

The Challenges of Affirmative Cyber Language

09 Dec 19

  David Powell, LMA's head of non-marine discusses the significant challenges around adding affirmative policy language to clauses .

Digitising claims to drive customer-centricity

02 Dec 19

  LMA's Head of Claims Lee Elliston explains how digitising claims can drive customer centricity.

Continued collaboration critical to the Future at Lloyd’s

28 Nov 19

  Paul Davenport discusses the essential role that collaboration between Lloyd’s, the LMA’s members, and distribution partners will play in ensuring the successful implementation of the Future at Lloyd's Blueprint.

What Future at Lloyd's means for Claims

01 Nov 19

  At the LMA we recognise that this is a critical time for Lloyd’s, the market and our members, the release of blueprint one says as much.

COOs discuss Blueprint at lively LMA Forum

15 Oct 19

  Operations Director Rob Myers talks about the wide-ranging discussion hosted by LMA about Blueprint One with the market’s operations community.

Claims > Evolution not disruption: skills, process and technology

08 Oct 19

  LMA's Head of Claims Lee Elliston explains how organisations can prepare for a modernised claims model.

Data Subject Access Rights

13 Sep 19

  In collaboration with DXC Technology we have produced three market protocols in relation to data subject rights.

Mis-selling Scandal Sounds Alarm Bells for Liability Market

27 Aug 19

  The recent mis-selling scandal in the Australian financial services industry has highlighted the potential for catastrophe-style loss events for the casualty and financial & professional lines market.

Legal > FCA's Proposed GI Value Measures Reporting

12 Aug 19

  Our Head of Regulatory Affairs, Steve Morrell discusses the LMA’s thoughts on the FCA's proposed GI Value Measures Reporting.

Your chance to shape our future

23 Jul 19

  The LMA has worked closely with Lloyd’s to map out six transformational initiatives to prepare Lloyd’s for the future.

Electronic Placement Adoption continues apace, but more work to be done

22 Jul 19

  While the move towards electronic placement has been spurred in large part by the Lloyd’s mandates, we have seen a general shift to a position where underwriters and brokers have now accepted that electronic trading is a good thing for the market.

LMA 18th Birthday

28 Jun 19

  18 years later the LMA is the leading representative force in the Lloyd’s market, just as its founders intended. It works to enable the success of member managing agencies and the market through technical expertise, learning & development activity.

Sheila Cameron's speech at the LMA's annual CEO lunch

27 Feb 19

  Transcript of Sheila Cameron's speech at the LMA's annual CEO Lunch in February

Consensus of Unity for a Digital Market

25 Feb 19

  Unity of consensus over the need to digitalise the Lloyd’s market has finally arrived.

Achieving a seamless digital marketplace

05 Feb 19

  Full transcript of Sheila Cameron's speech at TINtech London Market 2019

Cyber Best Practice Guidance

11 Dec 18

  The guide is the result of a concerted effort to help share knowledge for everybody involved in underwriting cyber and is intended to help brokers - both in London and overseas.

Lloyd's Brussels: open for business

03 Dec 18

  LMA's Head of Worrdings, Alison Colver discusses the huge amount of work that has taken place to help the market ensure that wordings are clear and fit for purpose once Lloyd’s Brussels begins underwriting from 01 January 2019.

A Satellite View of Enhanced Claims Service

26 Nov 18

  LMA's James Wilson explains how the satellite service used during recent wildfires and hurricanes enabled Lloyd’s insurers to make early part or full settlement of claims. He also talks about potential future service enhancements.

Realising Electronic Placement Benefits

19 Nov 18

  Patrick Davison discusses how the increase in use of electronic placement is encouraging, but further system improvements will be key if underwriters are to realise the efficiencies of electronic placement.

Lloyd’s Marine Resilience

09 Nov 18

  Neil Roberts, LMA's Head of Marine discussed how Lloyd’s marine insurers are resilient, with a unique ability to adapt to change and deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

Eyes on the risk

25 Oct 18

  Lee Elliston, LMA's Claims Director, discusses how the Lloyd's market is using Tech to assess claims in the wake of major natural catastrophes.

InsurTech-led change in the Lloyd’s Market

27 Sep 18

  A new report highlights the advantages for Lloyd’s in the InsurTech ‘arms race’. It observed that managing agents, being nimbler than large insurance groups, can deploy ‘Supplier InsurTechs’ quicker.

LMA action on delegated claims

19 Sep 18

  LMA's Claims Director, Lee Elliston discusses the LMA's programe of work in relation to delegated claims in the Lloyd's market.

Delegated Authorities Update

31 Jul 18

  As always, developments in the delegated authority space continue, and we’re working closely with both Lloyd’s and the market to provide a more effective framework and tools to support the distribution channel.

The LMA: A Year in Review

30 Jul 18

  Competitive operating conditions, a series of natural catastrophes, and the UK’s impending exit from the European Union presented our members with challenges on many fronts in 2017.

Addressing the Underwriting Challenges around Brexit

27 Jul 18

  The final shape of the UK’s deal with Europe following the country’s exit from the European Union in 2019, and its impact on insurance and reinsurance contracts, remains somewhat unclear.

GDPR is Here

25 Jul 18

  Exhaustive work has taken place at firm level on GDPR compliance and at market level to assist – and, as the ICO would expect, this starts at home.

Motor-related terrorism

24 Jul 18

  The LMA has welcomed the UK Motor Insurance Bureau’s members vote to mutualise the risk arising from motor-related terrorism.

For the Love of Insurance?

18 Jul 18

  In December 2016, I achieved my Advanced Diploma in Insurance. The day that I received my final result I felt as relieved as I did proud: I would never have to open another book about insurance if I did not want to!

David Gittings calls for Lloyd’s to launch 'deep review'

13 Jul 18

  In an interview with the Financial Times, David Gittings says Lloyd’s needs to launch a deep review of how it operates and explains how the insurance market is ready for more ‘radical change’.

Digitalisation is impacting claims, but what about the people…?

04 Jul 18

  Today sees the launch of the LMA Future of Claims Forum, which coincides with the publication of the PwC report: Claims Workforce of the future: 2030.

Lloyd's will innovate and adapt through challenging times

13 Jun 18

  LMA's CEO, David Gittings explains why he expects the Lloyd’s market to respond to current uncertainties in an effective and enterprising manner to ensure that Lloyd's will continue to thrive in years to come.

Presidential elections brings changes across LatAm

12 Jun 18

  Insights into trends and issues in Latin America from a visiting panel of nine LatAm insurance experts and members of the worldwide legal insurance network Insuralex.

Pushing for Progress

08 Mar 18

  Article adapted from a speech given by Mel Goddard, LMA's Underwriting & Market Liaison Director, to WIRE, Singapore on International Women’s Day on 08 March 2018.

Changing times for marine insurers with blockchain and IoT

28 Dec 17

  Emerging technologies like blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are likely to transform the maritime transport industry in the coming years, creating potential opportunities for insurers.

The Delegated Authorities Data Problem

27 Dec 17

  The internet age and spread of computing power has seen improvements, but much of the reporting process in delegated authority is still dealt with in a manual way through spreadsheets, weeks or months after risks are underwritten or after claims are

Hurricanes Test Satellite Imagery Service

17 Dec 17

  While the hurricanes were obviously catastrophic for those caught up in them, they have provided an extensive and real-life stress test for the Lloyd’s market.

Claims Modernisation Key to Maintaining Reputation

16 Dec 17

  Lloyd’s is renowned for its specialist underwriting expertise but ask a client to name what they value the most, and they are likely to answer “rapid payment of claims”.

Performance to be proud of

06 Nov 17

  Lee Elliston, Head of Claims Operations at the LMA discusses payment of claims following hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Brexit cliff-edge for in-force insurance policies

18 Oct 17

  David Gittings, CEO of the LMA, explains the challenges ahead for insurance contracts and why these issues should be placed near the top of the government’s Brexit-negotiation agenda.

The Top Risks in Shipping Today

20 Sep 17

  Shipping can be a risky business. Today, when things go wrong at sea, the prospect of successfully salvaging an ultra large vessel is anything but simple.

Investing in London's Future

07 Sep 17

  Charlotte Myers, LMA Academy Director, discusses how skills and expertise are constantly tested in our ever-changing global market.

Aye, Robot

13 Jun 17

  The LMA is undertaking some exploratory work that is looking into the feasibility of introducing automated learning/robotics into the London market: Lee Elliston explains how this technology that could support and enhance the roles of claims handlers

New Data Protection Regulation: The Need for Action

12 Jun 17

  In May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Steve Morrell explores what this means for the insurance industry in his latest blog

Updating wordings for the nuclear future

12 Jun 17

  The LMA Wordings Forum has reconvened its Nuclear Working Party to draft a ‘cold zone variant’ of its model exclusion wording, which would make it easier for underwriters to cover construction projects in the nuclear sector.

Rigs Back in the Black as Oil Prices Rise

12 Jun 17

  The recent steady rise in the global oil price has meant that drilling for oil offshore is, once again, becoming economically viable. James Straker-Nesbit explains the risk of this for underwriters

Claims Modernisation: The Future

12 Jun 17

  Is the future of Claims closer than we think? Lee Elliston, Head of Claims Operations explains why

Polar code moves to next phase

12 Jun 17

  This summer Lloyd’s will host a high-level forum in a bid to establish a risk information sharing framework to support and inform the Polar Code, which has been in force since 1 January 2017.

UK Paves the Way for Driverless Car Cover

11 Jun 17

  In January 2017, the UK government announced plans to amend insurance requirements to pave the way for the introduction of automated vehicles.

SDC will be key to TOM Success

10 Jun 17

  For the market to fully realise the opportunities contained within the London Market Target Operating Model (LMTOM), integration, and in particular data integration, is key

Understanding the challenges of cyber

09 Jun 17


LMA's Top Priorities for 2017

08 Jun 17

  David Gittings recently sat down with Chief Executive Officers from across the managing agents’ community for our annual CEO lunch, and discussed the LMA’s objectives for the year ahead.

Aligning Delegated Authority Activities

31 May 17


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