About the LMA Academy

The aim of the LMA Academy is to raise the profile of education in the Lloyd's market. This is delivered through a series of technical training programmes that support LMA members’ learning and career development by offering them a thorough understanding of key insurance areas from Foundation to Intermediate to Advanced level.

This means that wherever you are in your career, in the Lloyd’s marketplace, there is a programme designed to be directly relevant to you in your role. This could be when you are at the beginning of your career and undertaking a professional qualification or later on when you are looking to develop your skills as a leader.

The LMA Academy delivers its educational work through a series of modular programmes, workshops and masterclasses that support your learning and career development. All our programmes are open to any LMA member wishing to learn more about a specific subject. We constantly evaluate feedback on all current programmes and make enhancements to ensure they continue to be relevant. We consult with the market on a regular basis to identify where there are learning gaps and introduce creative initiatives and new projects to enable the LMA Academy to respond to emerging trends and requirements.

We promote and develop a community of learning at Lloyd’s and create networks for individuals which enable them to interact with their peer group.

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Fiona Temple
LMA HR & Academy Director

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