LMA staff structure chart

Download the LMA staff structure chart .

LMA staff contact details

(Alphabetical listing)

Leigh Allen
Technical Executive, Underwriting

Tim Bowling
Senior Executive, Claims

Gary Budinger
Senior Executive, Finance and Risk

Sheila Cameron
Chief Executive

Jackie Clark
Executive Secretary, Underwriting

Alison Colver
Head of Contract Wordings

Linda Cook
Technical Executive, Underwriting

Paul Davenport
Finance Director

Patrick Davison
Deputy Director of Underwriting

Sophie Dewison
Executive Secretary

Lee Elliston
Claims Director

Tony Ellwood
Senior Executive, Underwriting

Samantha Engelbrecht
Receptionist and Team Secretary

Shanaz Ferreira-Cooper
Technical Executive, Claims

Jane Hayes
Underwriting Director

Peter Holdstock
Senior Executive, Market Operations and Business Process

Clare Knight
Consultant, Delegated Authority

Louise Maisey 
Executive Secretary

James Milne
Communications Director

Steve Morrell
Head of Regulatory Affairs

Rob Myers
Operations Director

Phil Norwood
Senior Executive, Underwriting

Andrew Oakley
Head of LMA Academy

Lorraine Perkins
Finance Executive

Jane Perry
Senior Executive, Market Operations and Portfolio Management

Chloe Rees
Executive Secretary, Claims

Shazia Rennison
Technical Executive, Underwriting

Neil Roberts
Head of Marine Underwriting

Ioanna Romanou
Senior Technical Executive, Underwriting

Stephanie Ruiz
Communications Executive

Manreet Sher
Senior Executive, Legal & Compliance

Richard Smith
LMA Academy Consultant

James Straker-Nesbit
Senior Executive, Underwriting

Pauline Taylor
HR Manager

Kees van der Klugt
Legal & Compliance Director

Angela Webb
LMA Academy Consultant

James Wilson
Senior Executive, Claims

Carla Wise
Delegated Authorities & Claims Operations Manager

Matt Wood
Head of Technology