Technical expertise

We provide a centre of expertise to support and advise our members, which enables us to develop smart solutions in the best interest of the market. This is achieved through the activities of our technical teams, each of which are engaged with our members and the market in their specific areas of expertise, to provide great outcomes.

Our teams



Patrick Davison
Underwriting Director

The LMA Underwriting Team works in support of underwriting excellence in the Lloyd’s market. This core function ranges from model wordings development to research and consensus-building in complex areas that are of concern to the market.

The Team interacts with Lloyd’s Corporation and many other market organisations, both in London and internationally, representing our members’ interests across all aspects of underwriting. Current hot topics include the development and implementation of the new Lloyd’s Insurance Company (LIC) Europe operating model, cyber risks and exposures, principles-based oversight of underwriting in the Lloyd’s market and the impact of the Future at Lloyd’s.

The team manages committees in most classes of business, bringing together invaluable expertise of many market specialists in pursuit of underwriting excellence. The team also publishes thought leadership material via a number of channels, using their own expert knowledge as well as market expertise.

The team works closely with the LMA Academy to ensure that the educational requirements for underwriters at all stages of their career in the Lloyd’s market are well provided for.

“Our mission is to help our members be the best in a very competitive and global market place.  The team works tirelessly to ensure that the Market has all the tools available to enable underwriting success."

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Lee Elliston 
Claims Director              


Delivering and experiencing service excellence - carriers', customer's, and our value chains area of commonality - is at the forefront of the work of the LMA Claims Team. The claims strategy under the Future at Lloyd's reforms is a key focus, whilst the LMA Claims Committee has set strategic objectives that enable and support the market in evolving and enhancing claims practices, standards, processes, technologies, and skills. Some of which form part of Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint(s) and will both support and challenge Lloyd's to ensure the markets priorities and objectives are delivered.

Focus continues on the Claims Workforce of the Future, an LMA initiative to challenge and support the market to adapt the culture, roles, skills and talent for the future. The Claims Team is engaging and supporting the market to identify skill gaps and requirements to generate a refreshed claims curriculum, a curriculum that focuses on developing the skills required in the future role of a claims professional, including customer skills, data skills, and technology led experience, whilst blending with technical skills and current capabilities.

The implementation of Gemini, a new digital data-first management and settlement platform for carriers and the market's claims experts, benefits the market and its value chain by enabling supply chain risk and performance management, fast fee settlement, and management of claims leakage and expense. It provides data and insights that enhance the management of experts and the related claims costs.

Delegated Authority

Engaging the markets value chain and supporting our members to influence and adopt the fundamental change being delivered by Lloyd’s, to enhance the delegated authority reporting, contracting, compliance, and performance oversight pillars of DA management, is a material part of our work. A senior and cross disciplined Delegated Authority Committee (DAC) has been formed, to represent the change and challenge occurring within this placement method in a holistic and collaborative way. The DAC also has a key objective of establishing a market side and customer centric vision, striving to create a DA blueprint that can support the development of a value driven distribution model to transform processes, reduce expense costs, and support market growth.

The delivery of Coverholder and TPA forums is key to our value chain being prepared and proactive in responding to market or Lloyd’s change, whilst ensuring the voice of the customer, in terms of buying and servicing products, is heard and accessed regularly to gain valuable insights.

The development of market initiatives to support the evolution required to deliver frictionless processes and practices within DA is a core part of the LMA offering; audit and claims standards, core service levels, a centralised third party contract, co-lead claims agreement clause and loss fund management practices have all been implemented in the delegated claims space and we continually support and influence Lloyd’s DA Programme, ensuring digitisation of process through the suite of DA systems such as Delegated Data Manager, Delegated Contract Manager & Delegated Oversight Manager moves in a direction that truly supports the markets’ needs.

“"Covid-19 has brought about a shift in attitude and working culture that has demonstrated how responsive and adaptable the market can be. With an intensive focus on talent development, harnessing data and by employing simple technology, Lloyd’s can become the market of choice for many more of our clients."

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Rob Myers 
Operations Director              

Digitisation of the Lloyd’s Market drives the priorities of the LMA's Market Operations team. Whether supporting and influencing the Future at Lloyd's or assisting Members in getting value from prior Market-wide investments, the LMA sees the realisation of greater inter-operability and straight-through processing as essential. We support the Future at Lloyd’s initiative by influencing data standards and quality assurance, encouraging API solutions enabling seamless flow of reliable data across counterparty and service-providers' platforms.

We are continuously evaluating Members' central service needs, to leverage scale economies, and to simplify, standardise and automate processes and practices across the market in ways which benefit customers and contribute to more efficient operating models for our Members.

The Market Operations Team works closely with the Corporation of Lloyd's, other London trade associations, LIMOSS, the market-owned company which sources and manages the supply of cross-market services, and key suppliers to our Members to assure the quality, cost effectiveness, performance and co-ordinated evolution of all central services.

""Our priority is to support digitisation of market practices. We are working to make straight-through processing a reality, and to learn lessons from past efforts at automation. We are using our knowledge and our influence to shape the Future at Lloyd's conversation, solutions and implementation roadmap in the interests of LMA members."

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The Legal & Regulatory Team monitors legal and regulatory developments in the UK and overseas relating to the Lloyd's market; reviews matters of concern with those responsible for these functions within LMA members; co-ordinates responses to proposals by governments and regulators; and generally aims to enhance communications between members, the Corporation of Lloyd's, and other supervisory and market bodies.

The team liaises closely with the Corporation of Lloyd's on initiatives such as analysing distribution costs, and with the FCA on concerns including value metrics, general insurance pricing practices and vulnerable consumers. We produce guidance for members, for example, on SM&CR and IDD. We expect to be involved in all the strands of the Future at Lloyd's project during 2020.

A current high priority is to ensure that the Corporation's Brexit plans continue to be comprehensive, workable and proportionate. This means keeping the project for the transfer of EEA legacy business from syndicates to Lloyd's Brussels (Lloyd's Part VII Scheme) under close review. In the future, Brexit will involve working with market bodies, regulators and government authorities on the shape of post-Brexit regulation, for example in relation to sanctions.

"There is always something at the forefront of our activity; this has moved through working with the Law Commission on the legal framework for insurance business under the Insurance Act 2015, to obtaining amendments to the Data Protection Act 2018 for the processing of data in the UK insurance market, and now to Brexit planning."

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Paul Davenport 
Finance Director              

Responsible for supporting members in areas ranging across finance, actuarial and exposure management, risk, regulatory, audit, tax, and investment, the LMA Finance and Risk team is undertaking three critical projects. First is an exploration of capital management and optimisation techniques in the market. This includes supporting Lloyd's initiatives to develop an efficient ILS structure and improve the annual planning cycle that facilitates the entry and withdrawal of underwriting capital.

A reduction in the burden of reporting while improving the quality and efficiency of performance monitoring and market data collection constitutes a second stream of priority work. Efforts include defining further development of Lloyd's Insights Hub which allows syndicates to compare their performance to that of their peers, and a detailed analysis of options to rationalise the volume of reporting that members must make to Lloyd's.

A third initiative considers reserving best practice for managing agents across a wide range of reporting bases and includes guidance on using leading and lagging indicators to assess the impact that underwriting actions should have on reserving.

The team also ensures that managing agents are able to influence emerging issues such as the financial risks of climate change and operational resilience.

"From capital-setting to onerous reporting requirements, finance-related demands consume an ever-increasing share of LMA members' resources. Through our consultation with members, we are successfully working to redefine market process for reporting, performance management and capital planning to realise cost savings and maintain the market’s attractiveness for members and investors."

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Fiona Temple 
LMA HR & Academy Director

The LMA Academy’s mission is to provide technical learning to support skills and knowledge development among our members' staff. Through a broad range of learning opportunities, the LMA Academy actively enhances the market's talent pool at all career levels.

As technology and data transforms our market's processes, such training is more important than ever. To ensure the LMA Academy services remain relevant and industry-leading during this market evolution, we are engaged actively with members to identify the specific learning and development needs they require support their rapidly changing people and talent needs. Armed with this analysis, the LMA Academy is undertaking a refresh of the programmes it offers, which includes the use of technology within a blended learning approach enabling everyone to gain access to training, regardless of their location or working hours.

We also support HR Directors in sharing best practice and building a community of likeminded executives. We do this through regular forums and surveys.

We are engaged on Future at Lloyd's talent and culture workstreams as part of our commitment to supporting an inclusive culture that attracts the most talented people to our marketplace.

"During a period of great change and a talent crisis within the Lloyd's market, our priority is relevance: technical training that directly supports multiple organisations and thousands of individuals. The LMA Academy is at the forefront of education for market professionals and is intent upon offering targeted training."

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