Institute Commodity Trade & FOSFA Trade Clauses 2013

Following the release of the Institute Cargo Clauses A, B and C, and related wordings in 2009, the JCC Commodities Clauses Working Group were tasked with bringing the Commodity Trades Clauses and FOSFA Trades Clauses into line with these revisions.  Following extensive work, including widespread consultation with the relevant Trade Associations, the following clauses were released under date of 01 June 2013:

Institute Commodity Trades A (CL410)

Institute Commodity Trades B (CL411)

Institute Commodity Trades C (CL412)

Institute FOSFA Trades A (CL413)

Institute FOSFA Trades B (CL414)

Institute FOSFA Trades C (CL415)

Institute War Clauses (FOSFA Trades) (CL416)

Institute Strikes Clauses (FOSFA Trades) (CL417)

FOSFA Supplementary Clause 1

FOSFA Supplementary Clause 2

FOSFA Supplementary Clause 3

FOSFA Supplementary Clause 4