Gemini Expert Management & Settlement System

The long-awaited Gemini Expert Management & Settlement System for claims experts is now live, instigating the payment of experts fees, whilst capturing structured data on expert spend. If you would like a full demonstration of Gemini, have any questions, or want to onboard now to start realising the benefits, please reach out to Tim Bowling at the LMA.

There are two routes to carrier adoption:

  1. via API integration (typically via WriteBack). This is ready now for immediate adoption by carriers using the Charles Taylor TRAX platform.
  2. via a non-API enabled adoption route. There are four methods which all instigate the appointment of the expert within Gemini, which then drives the invoice submission by the expert and subsequent payment via Gemini. This is available to all carriers NOW across Lloyd’s, ILU and LIRMA, and allows carriers to realise the cost benefits associated with reduced transaction charges, plus the insight in to how much each carriers is spending with their experts.

How Gemini Works

When a carrier onboard with Gemini phase 2, the process is as follows:

  • Both the API or non-API solutions send details of the claim to Gemini, where a claim record is set up that mirrors that within ECF.
  • Gemini emails the expert on that claim advising the lead carrier has asked them to submit all fees under that UCR via Gemini.
  • The expert then uploads all fees on that claim in to Gemini, and Advent process under a parallel UCR, collect the fee via central settlement and then pay on to the expert electronically. Advent in their role of fee broker “scrape” the enriched expert spend data and add it to Gemini, so carriers can now see how much they are spending on their experts.
  • The £25 fee is split between all subscribers to the risk (where the carriers have signed up for Gemini).
  • In all instances, the expert is being asked to submit fees via Gemini. There has been near universal support from experts, as they can consistently submit their fees in to London at no cost, with the removal of uncertainty about getting paid.

Gemini is a market service contracted via LIMOSS, and further details of the Gemini offering can be found at LIMOSS | Gemini