Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA23-019-GD | 12 June 2023

PPL feedback – requesting the use of PPL (EBIX) v3

PPL has received feedback from a number of brokers stating that underwriters have requested that risks are placed via PPL (EBIX) version 3 rather than on the new Next Gen PPL platform. The reason for these requests is not always clear and has led to some confusion between brokers, carriers and PPL as to the appetite and ability of some carriers to use the new platform. In response to this feedback the LMA wishes to reiterate the following messages in respect of the current roll out.

It is understood that during the transition there may be circumstances where you are unable to place risks via the Next Gen platform and will be forced to use v3 instead. In the first instance we would encourage you all to be clear in your communication with brokers when requesting that risks are placed via PPL (EBIX) v3, including the reason for and scope of the request.

Broker feedback has highlighted three common reasons cited for requesting the use of PPL (EBIX) v3. 

  • Technical and access issues: Not unexpectedly for a rollout of this scale, there have been a number of technical or access issues that have precluded the use of the new platform for certain risks or certain classes of business. Issues should of course be raised with PPL and/or your internal teams for resolution. Communicating the technical nature of the problem ensures that your broker is also able to put the appropriate pressure on PPL to expedite a resolution, as well as providing clear messaging around your organisation’s PPL adoption.
  • Training: Some underwriters have highlighted a training gap preventing them from using the Next Gen platform. The PPL learning guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to access the LMS and navigate underwriter training, as well as details of additional training resources including instructor-led training sessions (more information via PPL training & demonstrations). Your own internal PPL point of contact will also be able to guide you to available training resources.
  • Carrier policies: There have been a number of, as yet unconfirmed, reports of brokers being advised that specific carriers are instructing their underwriters not to use the Next Gen platform. Some ambiguity remains about these statements however at present the LMA is not aware of any of our member organisations that are not using PPL Next Gen as a matter of policy. We will be following up with individual managing agents in cases where a broker has reported that they have received this message.

Finally, it has been widely reported that PPL (EBIX) v3 will be phased out at the end of this year. The old version of the PPL platform will be closed to new placements as of the 01 October 2023, and all access will be removed by the end of 2023. As such although PPL V3 (EBIX) remains as a short-term solution where risks cannot be placed via the PPL Next Gen platform, it is not a long-term viable alternative.

Guy Dormer
Head of Underwriting Strategy