Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA22-023-JHF | 16 June 2022

Wildfire Mitigation Requirements, Deductible and Endorsement Clauses

The Renewable Energy Sub-Committee, a sub-group of the Joint Power Generation Committee, has produced three model clauses in order to assist with the prevention and mitigation of wildfires and vegetation fires, and reduce the risk of damage where such wildfire or vegetation fire starts externally or internally to the site. These seek to limit exposure arising from multiple physical damage losses due to the same, or similar, cause.

Please find below:

LMA5574 Fire Mitigation Endorsement
LMA5575 Fire Mitigation Deductible Endorsement

LMA5576 Wildfire Mitigation Minimum Requirements

Use of wordings and clauses

From time to time, the LMA publishes wordings and clauses as models which can be accessed on the Lloyd's Wordings Repository and/or the LMA website. These models are provided as a service to members and clients of the LMA, are purely illustrative and not mandatory (unless otherwise specifically mandated by Lloyd’s, law or regulation). Members and clients are free to adopt or amend different wordings and clauses in their sole discretion. The LMA takes no responsibility or liability for the use of these models and it is the responsibility of the contracting parties to ensure and, where appropriate, take professional advice on whether or not model wordings or clauses comply with applicable laws and regulations, or are suitable for their intended use. The LMA does not publish written guidelines with regard to application or intent of any specific contractual terms and the LMA therefore cannot release any clause drafting history. The LMA (including all panels and working groups, which may include Joint Committees in conjunction with the International Underwriting Association (IUA)) in drafting such wordings and clauses operates under strict terms of reference to ensure, amongst other things, compliance with Competition Law.

Josh Hutson Flynn
Executive, Technical Underwriting