Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA21-015-PN | 30 March 2021

Joint Cargo Committee 2021 Election Results

The recent call for nominations from the electorate and subsequent election for available places on the JCC have led to the following members for the 2021 Committee year:

 Andrew Corton  Hiscox   Chair   LMA 
 Richard Golder   TM HCC  Deputy Chair  LMA
 Paul Ashworth  Sompo  Member   IUA
 Christopher Hicks   Liberty   Member   LMA
 Simon Lascelles   QBE   Member   LMA 
 James Lawson  MS Amlin  Member   LMA
 Henry Maughan  Antares   Member   LMA
  Jo McWhirter  Berkshire Hathaway  Member   IUA
 Rod O’Malley  AIG   Member   IUA 
 Penny Robinson  Brit   Member   LMA 
 Maria Tartaro  Chubb   Member   IUA 
 Gavin Wall  Ascot   Member   LMA 
 Geoff Wilkinson  Chaucer   Member   LMA

 We would like to thank everyone who participated in the election process.

For further information, or for any other enquiries, please contact the panel secretary Phil Norwood on: philip.norwood@lmalloyds.com or 0203 789 3484.

Philip Norwood
Senior Technical Executive, Underwriting