Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA19-019-PD  |  03 June 2019

LMA Risk Code Triangulation Reports – Q1 2019

Further to LMA19-014-PD, the Q1 2019 Loss Ratio Triangulations are now available to download from the LMA website.ny MA who has not already signed up to use Gemini to do so, and nominate your regularly used experts.

Unfortunately, due to an issue with file size, we are no longer able to publish the settlement currency version of the report. The data for the report is available.

As previously advised, there are now additional versions of the loss ratio triangulations. As well as the longstanding version based on DXC data, there are also two versions utilising GQD data:

  1. the “GQD in GDP (using business plan RoE)” report converts all currencies into GBP using the rate or exchange (RoE) applicable to the year of account in which the transaction occurred.
  2. the “GQD in GDP (converted at single RoE)” report converts all currencies into GBP using the RoE applicable to the original year of account.

As the GQD data includes additional fields of information (notably gross gross premium and acquisition costs), the DXC versions include an option (under the Report Setting tab) to alter the displayed information. Similarly, the display in the Summary tab can be altered. We have also taken the opportunity to provide additional functionality so that combined triangulations of multiple risk codes can now be displayed. 

Details of how to use the new functionality can be found in the 'How To use' Guide


Patrick Davison
Deputy Director of Underwriting