Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA18-042-JW  |  26 September 2018

DS1017 CAT DOI Reporting app - now live

Following the Department of Insurance requests for returns on losses from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the LMA have been working with DXC to create a live reporting app which will allow managing agents to access the required claims data to assist with the compilation of returns. The ‘DS1017 CAT DOI Reporting’ app is now live and has been funded by the LMA.

About the ‘DS1017 CAT DOI Reporting’ app

The attached documentation provides users with the following:

  • instructions on how to navigate around the app
  • requirements on claims adjusters to provide additional information within ECF private comments, to align with the data requirements of the DOI (zip code, county code and line of business)
  • full listing of data fields that will be reportable within the app on a movement or summary level basis
  • daily rate of exchange calculation applied to data
  • registration form for the 'DS1017 - CAT DOI Report'.
   DS1017 CAT DOI Reporting app fact sheet (PDF)



  • daily updated app (Qlikview) providing the market with live data
  • allows users to tailor their reports depending on the DOI requirements
  • provides the ability to export results and analyse data as required
  • reduces the duplicative and manual effort in reporting, reducing the administrative task per managing agent.

Register for a licence

This self service data and reporting tool will allow individual managing agents to complete their returns in an efficient and prompt manner.

To register for a licence, please complete the registration form which can be found at the back of the attached document and return to: business.intelligence@xchanging.com.

Please note that there is a maximum of two licences per syndicate.

For any further information, or if you have any enquiries about anything mentioned in this bulletin, please contact James Wilson: james.wilson@lmalloyds.com or Kerry Rainer: kerry.rainer@xchanging.com.

James Wilson
Senior Executive, Claims