Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA18-041-LE  |  18 September 2018

Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP) - implementation of the Operating Model

Update and Go-live

An update is being provided to the market following the release of LMA bulletin (LMA18-034-LE), regarding the confirmation that enhancements were to be delivered to support the operation of SCAP in Q4 2018, allowing carriers to consider the changes, the impact and the benefit to the SCAP operating model.

We can announce that the delegated and automated processing of SCAP claims for a Bureau Lead (Follower) following slip lead agreement - will go live on 24 September 2018.

The delivery will see DXC implement a delegated processing service for all SCAP followers, via both an automated / RPA (robotic process automation) and FTE supported model. This model will accelerate the agreement and processing of claims, whilst following the actions of the slip lead and allowing followers full visibility of the claim throughout its lifecycle and providing the ability to intervene with both the lead or DXC as required.


  • reduces the burden on SCAP bureau lead followers
  • eliminates re-keying and the re-adjustment of a claim for processing purposes only
  • accelerates claims agreement and processing
  • accelerates SCAP claims settlement
  • enables a centralised quality control process to occur real time reducing the delay caused by queries or intervention within the claims lifecycle.

The cross market working group have worked hard to establish the rules, process and required technology as a fast follow to the go-live of the SCAP clause (LMA9150). The market working group will continue to work with DXC and a 3rd party RPA specialist to leverage the automated tech and process to support SCAP as volumes of SCAP claims increase.

For more information on what this means for carriers, click here.


The SCAP Operating Guidelines and supporting documentation have been updated and can be found at www.londonmarketgroup.com/SCAP.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharyn Butcher (sharyn.butcher@lmalloyds.com) or Lee Elliston (lee.elliston@lmalloyds.com). We thank you for your continued support and cooperation in ensuring that the market remains competitive through the implementation of innovative and efficient working practices.

Lee Elliston
Claims Director