Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA18-020-GB  |  03 April 2018

LMA Board Election Results 2018

Further to the LMA bulletin (LMA18-015-GB) sent on 23 February 2018 which confirmed that there were four vacancies to be filled on the LMA Board from May 2018, the following nominations were duly received by Tuesday 27 March (the closing date for nominations).

 Name of Candidate   LMA member   Nominated by 
 David Croom-Johnson   Aegis  Andrew D’Arcy (Faraday)
 Charles Franks (TMK)
 Richard Harries (Atrium)

 Stephen Eccles  Argo  Richard Harries (Atrium)
 Nick Rnjak (Travelers)
 Matthew Shaw (Chubb)

 Richard Harries  Atrium  Andrew Brooks (Ascot)
 Charles Franks (TMK)
 Paul Lawrence (Hiscox)

 Matthew Shaw  Chubb  John Fowle (Chaucer)
 Matthew Moore (Liberty)
 Matthew Wilson (Brit)


With the number of nominations not exceeding the number of vacancies, a ballot is not required, and the above nominated members are deemed to be elected as directors of the LMA with effect from the close of the Annual General Meeting which is to be held on Thursday 31 May 2018.

In addition, the LMA has co-opted Hannah Purves, Claims Director at Markel and Deputy Chair of the LMA Claims Committee, to the Board. Claims modernisation is currently a top priority for the LMA and the appointment of Hannah will reinforce the Board’s broad range of expertise.

Any queries regarding this bulletin should be addressed to Gary Budinger: gary.budinger@lmalloyds.com or 020 7327 4735.

Gay Budinger
Election Manager