Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA18-036-LE  |  30 July 2018

GEMINI – A Claims Expert Management Hub

An update on the delivery of the claims expert management hub can be found below, following approval from the LMACC and support from the claims community in 2017, and market consultation in Q1 2018.


The current market systems have little to no functionality to allow a managing agency to accurately record or analyse expert usage and the related spend. This challenges carriers when attempting to make informed decisions on expert appointment, usage, and performance as a result of:

  • lack of data on fee spend (in a lead and follow capacity)
  • lack of data on expert usage (in a lead and follow capacity)
  • no consistency on-boarding claims experts
  • lack of management and oversight of appointed experts.

An opportunity was identified to address the above, and at the same time, create a solution that allows a carrier to manage their relationship, the associated performance, and customer outcomes with key claims experts, for the benefit of carriers and customers alike.

The answer is to build a market solution, initially for open market business. The platform to deliver this will be called GEMINI, delivered by Advent Insurance Management Ltd and MatsSoft.

  GEMINI - what is being built 

Next steps

  • the build of the solution and platform is targeted for 30 July 2018
  • the expert hub will then undergo UAT and MAT before being delivered to the market in September 2018
  • user training will be given to two 'super users' within each managing agency, and a webinar will be available for regular users of the system from September.

The delivery of structured data capture from DXC (within ECF) is under negotiation, and a delivery of that linked component to complete the delivery of data between claims that are managed via ECF and Write-Back is targeted for Q1 2019.

As the initial delivery in September 2018 will be focused on the on-boarding of registered experts, carriers should think about who will become 'super users' within GEMINI to control the permissions of all users within their organisation. They should also look to identify their key, regularly used experts who they will wish to on-board to build their expert panel (within GEMINI) and initiate the use of the platform's capabilities to assist with the management and performance oversight of experts.

If you wish to know more, or have any questions, please get in touch with Tim Bowling who is leading this at the LMA; tim.bowling@lmalloyds.com or 0207 327 8338.

Lee Elliston
Claims Director