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Lloyd's Wording Repository (LWR)

The Repository provides underwriters with access to established model wordings and clauses which are in current use, in all lines of business, against which slips/MRC can be referenced. The Repository includes all wordings developed by the LMA and wordings developed by other industry organisations, as well as many wordings from individual managing agents, other insurers and brokers. It also provides managing agents with access to ISO wordings and a link to the BRMA website.

The Repository - searchable by reference, market, class of business, jurisdiction or language - enables users to view vetted policy wordings and clauses regularly used within the London market.

Staff working at Lloyd's managing agents (LMA members) are entitled to access the Repository free of charge. If you are a member and require a login to access this resource, please email chris.kent@verisk.com.

Recently issued wordings

JR2021-028A - Renewables Warranty Endorsement

JR2021-028 - Renewables COP SOW COA

LMA5515 - Business Interruption Volatility Clause  (for use on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Contracts

LMA5514  - Property Damage Valuation and Average Clause (for use on Onshore Energy Risks)

JC2020-020 - JCC Flood Definition

JC2020-019  - JCC Earthquake Definition

JC2020-018  - JCC Windstorm Definition

JC2020-017  - JCC Wildfire Definition

JC2020-016  - JCC Conditions Clause

JX2020-010A - Communicable Disease Ltd Coverage Endorsement

JX2020-009A - Communicable Disease Exclusion

JL2020-013 - Communicable Disease (for use on marine and energy liability policies)

JS2020-014 - Cyber and Data Exclusion with Limited Write-back for Targeted Theft (for use where Theft cover is given to Jewellery, Art and Specie Property Risks) - (without named locations)

JS2020-013 - Cyber and Data Exclusion with Limited Write-back for Targeted Theft (for use where Theft cover is given to Jewellery, Art and Specie Property Risks) - (named locations included)

LMA5511 - Casualty Reinsurance Loss Occurrence Clause No. 3

LMA5510 -  Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion (Casualty Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5509 - Contingency Communicable Disease Exclusion (Non-Appearance)

LMA5508  - Contingency Communicable Disease Exclusion

LMA5507 - Contingency Coronavirus Exclusion

JC2020-014 - Marine Cargo Cyber Exclusion and Affirmation Endorsement

JS2020-011 - Communicable Disease Endorsement (Specie)

JX2020-007 - Joint Excess Loss Cyber Losses Clause  

LMA5506 - Communicable Disease Endorsement (For use on US Errors and Omissions policies)

LMA5505  - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No. 3 (Property Treaty Reinsurance - Risk)

LMA5504 - Occupational Disease and Cumulative Trauma Endorsement

LMA5503  - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.2 - (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5502  - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.1 - (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5501  - Political Risk Communicable Disease Exclusion

LMA5500  - Infectious or Contagious Disease Exclusion during a PHEIC (for use on consumer and commercial Accident/ Accident & Illness policies) 

LMA5433  - Cyber Exclusion for use on AH and travel policies

LMA5432 - Contingency Ltd Cyber Extn 2

LMA5431 - Contingency Ltd Cyber Extn 1

LMA5430 - Contingency Cyber Exclusion

LMA5429  -  Bankers Blanket Bond Cyber Affirmation language

LMA5428  -  Bankers Blanket Bond Cyber Risks Endorsement

LMA5427 - Political Risk Cyber Endorsement (for use with Political Risk/Political Violence Package Business)

LMA5399   - Communicable Disease Exclusion (Casualty Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5398   - Infectious or Contagious Diseases Exclusion (for use on UK consumer and commercial property risks)

LMA5397   - Communicable Disease Exclusion (For use on power generation, construction and engineering policies)

LMA5396   - Communicable Disease Exclusion - Liability

LMA5395   - Coronavirus Exclusion (for use on marine and energy liability policies)

LMA5394  - Communicable Disease Exclusion Property Treaty

LMA5393   - Communicable Disease Endorsement

LMA5392  -  Limited Automatic Extension – Prevention of Access to Lloyd’s of London

LMA5391   - Coronavirus Exclusion

JR2020-016   - JRC Communicable Disease Endorsement

JC2020-011  - Communicable Disease Exclusion - Cargo

JC2020-012   - Communicable Disease Exclusion and Sub-Limited Writeback - Cargo

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Use of wordings and clauses

From time to time, the LMA publishes wordings and clauses as models. These models are therefore purely illustrative and are distributed for the guidance of its members, who are free to agree to different conditions or amend as they see fit. The LMA does not publish written guidelines with regard to application or intent of any specific contractual terms (unless use of such contractual terms would constitute a breach or potential breach of any law or regulation) and the LMA therefore cannot release any clause drafting history. The LMA (including all panels and working groups, which may include Joint Committees in conjunction with the International Underwriting Association (IUA)) in drafting such clauses operates under strict terms of reference to ensure, amongst other things, compliance with Competition Law and it is for underwriters to decide whether or not any contractual language is acceptable on any given risk.