Renewable Energy Underwriting Committee

The sub-committee represents and promotes the interests of the writers of Renewable Energy business within the London market. It was created in 2023 and has a worldwide territorial remit. Its scope is construction and operational renewable power (business classified by Lloyd's as 'PG' ) and associated business. Click here for a list of current Panel members and the Business Panel Terms of Reference .

Role of the panel

Broadly the role of the Renewable Energy Sub-Committee is to:

  • identify issues considered to be of interest or concern to market practitioners, for discussion within the Committee and/or referral as appropriate to the relevant LMA Committee and/or the LMA Executive
  • respond to requests from the Non-Marine Committee (NMC), The Joint Power Generation Committee, the LMA Executive and other LMA Committees and Groups for advice and recommendations on issues
  • liaise with the NMC to develop or revise policy wordings or clauses for adoption as LMA & IUA accredited wordings, establishing working groups as necessary to undertake this work
  • liaise with the NMC & IUA Non-Marine Technical Committee to undertake other technical activities, establishing working groups as necessary
  • provide a forum for exchange of views and information between market practitioners.

Items under discussion

  • Wildfires: reviewing Best Practise Management to  to assist insureds with loss prevention and risk mitigation.
  • Quality assurance clause
  • Obsolescence 

Members' area

Renewable Energy Sub Committee members' area

Risk codes

The scope of the Panel comprises business that would be classified by Lloyd's as PG, CC, EB, EC, EH, V, 6T, TO, TU and BD.

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