Property Reinsurance Business Panel

The Property Reinsurance Business Panel exists to represent and promote the interests of the writers of Property Reinsurance (Treaty) business within the Lloyd's market. The Panel usually meets monthly. Its remit includes business from all regions of the world. Click here for a list of current Panel Members  and the Business Panel Terms of Reference .

Role of the Panel

Broadly the role of the Property Reinsurance Panel, in accordance with its terms of reference, is to:

  • Identify issues considered to be of interest or concern to LMA members, for discussion within the business panel and/ or referral as appropriate to the relevant LMA committee and/or the LMA Executive
  • Respond to requests from the Non-Marine Committee (NMC), the LMA Executive and other LMA committees and groups for advice and recommendations on issues relating to Property Reinsurance Business
  • Liaise with the NMC and LMA Wordings & Contracts Forum to develop or revise policy wordings or clauses for adoption as LMA accredited wordings, establishing working parties as necessary to undertake this work
  • Liaise with the NMC to undertake other technical activities, establishing working groups as necessary
  • Provide a forum for exchange of views and information between market practitioners


The LMA issues model wordings from time to time. These wordings are purely illustrative and established and distributed for the guidance of Members, who are free to agree different conditions.

Recently issued wordings that may be of interest to the LMA Membership writing Property Reinsurance Business are listed below.

These wordings are all available on the Lloyd's Wordings Repository.

All managing agents have access to the Lloyd's Wordings Repository, providing underwriters with access to established model wordings and clauses in current use in all lines of business, against which slips can be referenced. The Repository includes all wordings developed by the LMA and other industry organisations, as well as many wordings from individual managing agents, other insurers and brokers. A link to Lloyd’s Wordings Repository is in the ‘Links’ section on the right-hand panel.

LMA5505  - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No. 3 (Property Treaty Reinsurance - Risk)
LMA5503 - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.2 - (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

LMA5502 - Limited Communicable Disease Exclusion No.1 - (Property Treaty Reinsurance)

 LMA5394 - Communicable Disease Exclusion Property Treaty

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Members' Area

Property Reinsurance Members' Area

Risk codes

Property Reinsurance business includes, but is not necessarily limited to, Risk Codes XA, XJ, XR, XU, XC, X3 and TR.

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