Political Risks, Credit and Financial Contingencies Panel

The Panel consists of the majority of Lloyd’s underwriters in these classes and provides a representative forum for the market that allows discussion of common issues or concerns.

Role of the Group

  • to promote efficient operation and the highest technical standards in the business sector
  • to represent the interests of practitioners
  • to respond to requests from practitioners for advice and recommendations on issues
  • produce LMA model wordings as appropriate

Relevant circulars/bulletins

Key Issues

  • Cyber risks
  • Coronavirus/communicable disease exposures
  • Review of bank capital regulatory issues and lobbying regarding Basel rules / insurance as a Credit Risk Mitigant
  • Research and data collation
  • Development of RDSs
  • Education and technical training
  • Brexit/Part VII Transfer.


The Political Risk Business Panel issues wordings and clauses from time to time which are available for market use. The most popular wordings issued are listed below:

LMA5501 - Political Risks Communicable Disease Exclusion

LMA5427 - Political Risk Cyber Endorsement (for use with Political Risk/Political Violence Package Business)

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