Engineering Business Panel

The LMA Engineering Business Panel was re-established in 2024 to represent and promote the interests of the writers of Construction business within the Lloyd’s market. The remit of the Panel is limited to risk codes 'CB' and 'CC' (previously 'CA'). Click here for a list of current Panel members  and the Business Panel Terms of Reference   .

The role of the panel

Broadly the role of the Engineering Business Panel is to: 

  • Identify issues considered to be of interest or concern to LMA Members, for discussion within the Panel and/or referral as appropriate to the relevant LMA Committee and/or the LMA Executive;
  • Respond to requests from the Non-Marine Committee (NMC), the LMA Executive and other LMA Committees and Groups for advice and recommendations on issues;
  • Liaise with the NMC to develop or revise policy wordings or clauses for adoption as LMA accredited wordings, establishing working groups as necessary to undertake this work;
  • Liaise with the NMC to undertake other technical activities, establishing working groups as necessary;
  • Provide a forum for exchange of views and information between market practitioners.

Panel membership

The underwriters who sit on the Engineering Business Panel are selected from syndicates writing Construction business within the Lloyd's market. For information on membership please contact the Secretary. The Panel may also co-opt a small number of members for their particular expertise in areas such as contract wordings or claims.


LMA5397 - Communicable Disease Exclusion (For use on power generation, construction and engineering policies)

LMA5197A - Property & Plant Testing & Commissioning Clause