Compliant Cyber Clauses 

Lloyd’s has published a number of Bulletins (Y5258 and Y5381) which require managing agents to ensure that their policies are sufficiently clear and robust in addressing non-affirmative cyber and state backed cyber-attacks. In light of the Lloyd’s requirements, the LMA has, in addition to publishing compliant model wordings (here), undertaken a review of a number of clauses to assess whether they are compliant with the Lloyd’s requirements.

The LMA is not providing advice as to whether any of these clauses will be effective as an exclusion or the extent to which it will provide coverage or the extent to which it will apply to any particular set of facts. This will amongst other things depend upon the applicable law and jurisdiction and also the dispute resolution mechanism selected.  It is for underwriters to decide whether or not any contractual language is acceptable on any given risk.  If in doubt, Underwriters should take their own legal advice to satisfy themselves that the clause is appropriate.

US excess casualty cyber clauses

Cyber war clauses