Marine Committee

The LMA Marine Committee is the senior marine committee, normally comprising ten elected members plus the senior Lloyd’s representative from each of the Joint Committees. It meets every other month. 

If there is an issue you wish to raise at this committee or any of the Joint Committees, please contact either a member of the committee or the secretary.  


Important Issues 


Members' attention is drawn to the US Advisory in the links section. This was produced after months of liaison with industry and is non-mandatory. It is for individual underwriting entities to review and decide how to best demonstrate appropriate due diligence. During the liaison, it was explained that sanctions breaches render insurance cover inoperable, AIS tracking is not in itself capable of preventing transgressions and that insurers do not have constabulary powers, so it is hoped that Flag States will demonstrate leadership as Panama and Pulau have done.  The UK Government have also produced guidance for the maritime industry through OFSI. 

  • Coronavirus and contingent effects
  • The Future at Lloyd's initiative
  • Sanctions
  • ESG and its ramifications


LMA Marine Forums

The forums provide an opportunity for the Joint Chairs to update the market on the wide range of work being undertaken by the Joint Committees. If any underwriter would like an issue raised at Committee level, please let either the relevant Chairman or secretary know.

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