Joint Specie Committee (JSC) 

About the Joint Specie Committee

The committee was formed to specifically look at issues arising within the specie account.

Key Issues

Key issues currently being considered by the Joint Specie Committee include:

  • JSC Working Party – Antwerp World Diamond Centre Security
  • JSC Working Party – Non/Under Declaration of Values
  • JSC Working Party – Jewellers Block – Memo/Entrustment Clause
  • Cyber - two JSC clauses have been published under reference JS2018-001 and JS2015-005
  • JSC Working Party – Cash in Transit Proposal Form Review
  • Legal Liability Clauses in Fine Art Policies
  • Loss Payee Clause
  • Crypto Currencies.

Wordings / Circulars

JS2020-011 - Communicable Disease Endorsement (Specie)

JS2020-010 - Communicable Disease Circular 

Committee Secretary / contact

Shazia Rennison
Technical Executive, Underwriting

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