Joint Cargo Committee (JCC)

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JCC Clauses and Circulars

 OFSI Marine  OFSI Marine - July 2020  JCC Recent Circulars    JC2020-018
 JC2020-020 - JCC Flood Definition
 JC2020-019 - JCC Earthquake Definition
 JC2020-018 -   JCC Windstorm Definition  
 JC2020-017 - JCC Wildfire Definition
 JC2020-016  - JCC Conditions Clause
 JC2020-015 - Policy Language Circular
 JC2020-014 - Marine Cargo Cyber Exclusion and Affirmation Endorsement 
 JC2020-013 - Cyber Circular
 JC2020-012 - Communicable Disease Exclusion and sub-limited Writeback
 JC2020-011 - Communicable Disease Exclusion Clause (Cargo)
 JC2020-010 - Communicable Disease Circular
 JCC Circulars 2019 
 JC2019-009 - Cyber Exclusion and Writeback 
 JC2019-009 - Cyber Exclusion and Writeback CL437
 JC2019-008 - Prohibited Labour Clause
 JC2019-006 - Lloyd's General Average and Salvage Leader clause
 JC2019-005 - Process Exclusion clause


 Bulk Oil All Risk Clauses (2019)
 JC2019/007 - Bulk Oil Clauses Circular
 CL.433 - Institute of Bulk Oil Clauses / All Risks + Guaranteed Outturn
 CL.434 - Institute of Bulk Oil Clauses / All Risks
 CL.435 - Liquid Cargo Storage Extension Clause
 CL.436 - Liquid Cargo Storage Extension Clause (Including 45 Day Misappropriation)


 JCC Basis of Valuation
 JC2017-006 - BoV Circular
 JC2017-007 - Alternative BoV Clause


 JCC Frozen Products
 JC2017/008 Frozen Food and Frozen Meat Clauses
 CL.422 - Frozen Food Ext
 CL.423 - Frozen Food A 24hr Breakdown
 CL.424 - Strikes Clauses Food
 CL.425 - Frozen Meat A
 CL.426 - Frozen Meat A 24hr Breakdown
 CL.427 - Frozen Meat C + 24hr Breakdown
 CL.428 - Strikes Frozen Meat
 CL.429 - Frozen Meat Ext
 CL.430 - Frozen Food A
 CL.431 - Frozen Food C


 JCC Misappropriation
 JC2017-001 - Misappropriation Clause Circular
 JC2017-002 - Misappropriation Exclusion Clause
 JC2017-003 - Misappropriation Inclusion Clause
 JC2017-010 - Misappropriation Exclusion Clause Amended
 JC2017-011 - Misappropriation Inclusion Clause Amended
 JC2017-013 - Misappropriation Clause Amended Circular


 Institute Cargo Clauses
 CL.391 - Institute Bulk Oil Clauses
 CL.392 - Institute Strikes Clauses (Bulk Oil)
 CL.393 - Institute Coal Clauses
 CL.394 - Institute Strikes Clauses (Coal)
 CL.395 - Institute Location Clause
 CL.396 - Institute War Cancellation Clause (Cargo)
 CL.397 - Institute War and Strikes Clauses
 CL.398 – Institute Strikes Clauses (Commodity Trades)
 CL.399 – Institute War Clauses (Commodity Trades)
 CL.402 – Institute Strikes Clauses (Jute)
 CL.403 – Institute Natural Rubber Clauses (excluding Liquid Latex)
 CL.404 – Institute Strikes Clauses Natural Rubber (excluding Liquid Latex)
 CL.405 – Institute Timber Trade Federation Clauses
 CL.406 – Institute Strikes Clauses Timber Federation

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