Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA21-033-TB | 16 September 2021

Co-Lead Claims Email Submission Guidance - September 2021

The LMA DACG and LIIBA DACC have collectively developed the below guidance document for the submission of co-lead claims referrals being handled by a third party with a delegation of claims authority into Lloyd’s managing agents claims teams.

Whilst this is not mandatory, the request is supported by the DACG and DACF, so third parties handling claims for the Lloyd’s market are requested to adopt this new process. It is also hoped and anticipated that as this provides a more robust referral process, third parties handling claims will also adopt across the wider London Market.

Managing Agents, Brokers and DCA firms are encouraged to understand and adopt the practices outlined in the guidance document below:

  Co-Lead Claims Email Submission  Guidance - September 2021 

Tim Bowling
Senior Executive, Claims