Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA20-035-TB | 29 July 2020

Gemini Phase 2 launch  

Gemini, the open market solution that allows managing agents to have oversight of claims experts, improves the way we pay experts, and provides managing agents with insight on expert spend is set to deliver in Q3 2020. Gemini is the market solution that facilitates/improves the way Lloyd’s & IUA carriers:

  • manage experts
  • identify suitable experts across all territories and class of business 
  • oversee experts performance
  • capture, manage and analyse claims expense - providing carriers with expense and performance insight via structured data
  • pay experts for their services faster and at less expense.

Gemini phase 1 was delivered in November 2018, and established a repository for claims experts used by the London market, with the ability for managing agents to onboard experts, facilitate high level due diligence, and manage expert panels. The phase 2 deployment will change the way invoices are processed. As well as providing processing efficiencies, it will deliver structured expert spend data that managing agents will be able to use to make informed decisions on their use of experts using accurate data on how much is spent with each expert, by class of business, territory and expert and expense type (for example).

Current Status

The following activity represents the current status of Gemini:

  • the final project delivery phase ahead of phase 2 delivery has incorporated three activities: Pen Test (of Advents technology); MiT (market user and vendor integration testing); and Audit of the proposed service framework.
  • some defects and changes have been raised as part of these three activities, non of which are show-stoppers but do need to be worked through to ensure we have a stable and robust go-live of the Gemini technology and associated service.
  • LIMOSS are finalising the MUA (memo of understanding and agreement) to engage and contract the central service, governed and managed by LIMOSS, with each managing agent. This engagement will also provide managing agent support to the adoption of Gemini, with the support of Advent via an integrated API or a transitioning (non-API) support service, both of which are positioned to be part of the project scope and service contract.
  • Gemini is currently adopted by 35 Managing Agents and over 600 market used experts, with a proof of concept and live use case delivered by a managing agent and two experts - which demonstrated the value of the structured data capture of claims expense, the speed of data capture and processing and real time payment to the expert.

The roll out of Gemini to carriers with a Write-Back CMS will be dependent upon their Write-Back vendor making changes to their product and releasing the functionality to their carriers. Both Charles Taylor and DOCOsoft have been involved throughout the design, build and now testing stage, so carriers will need to agree with the Write-Back vendors when and how they can take the expert functionality of Gemini, whilst those that process claims directly in ECF can take Gemini from August. We are currently talking to Guidewire and Sequel to ensure they have the ability to build the functionality to the agreed market standard to facilitate Gemini within their CMS.

The below FAQ document provides more detail on Gemini, together with a short Gemini brochure. Advent have also created a website for Gemini which provides more information, and this can be found at https://geminiexpert.com/. Please reach out to tim.bowling@lmalloyds.com, 07824 304051 if you have any questions, or want to know more.

  Gemini leaflet


Tim Bowling
Senior Executive, Claims