Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA19-018-TB  |  15 May 2019

Gemini Expert Management - Phase 2 delivery - capturing expert spend

Please find an update below on the phase 2 scope, design and plan to fully deliver Gemini, the market's expert management solution, following the initial delivery in October 2018.

Gemini has been designed by the market to deliver:

  • effective expert management, including: on-boarding; ongoing oversight; performance monitoring; visibility of contractual arrangements, and an active directory of the market's regularly used experts 
  • structured data, analytics and reporting for claims expense and expert spend.

30 managing agents (MAs) have signed up to Gemini, and over 600 claims experts have been registered.

Advent will continue to engage with the experts on Gemini to ensure that their profiles and due diligence submissions are complete and accurate.

As a reminder, this project was originally set out to be delivered in two phases in order to aid the market's approach, enable expert engagement and support adoption.

Phase 2 – Blueprint & Delivery

Phase 2 will deliver the enhanced data capture of expert spend, and is currently being designed to align with the Claims TOM vision and blueprint. Phase 2 delivery will include:

  • claims expense and expert spend, with structured data delivered within a self service reporting tool that provides insight and intelligence on your data, experts, spend and performance 
  • expert spend split on a lead/follow basis, by class, territory and expert type 
  • reporting/analytics to allow the market to benchmark, assess usage against performance and make informed decisions on who they use and the value of the service they receive 
  • data and messaging alignment with claims management systems to integrate the solution with each carriers model but in a flexible way
  • reduced central costs and the reliance on legacy technology and services.

A target delivery date of October 2019 is being worked towards with Advent Claims Management Ltd, and impacted suppliers (including DXC and write-back vendors).

Please refer to the market-supported phase 2 blueprint and future process, linked below, which will standardise the approach for managing, transacting with and paying experts, and includes both the impact of changes and associated benefits for key stakeholders. Gemini Phase 2 Blueprint Open Market Fee Process

Phase 2 benefits include:

  • operational efficiency 
  • removal of touchpoints • removal of processing tasks
  • reduced costs
  • speed of settlement to experts.


We would encourage any MA who has not already signed up to use Gemini to do so, and nominate your regularly used experts.

Over 600 experts have already been added, so many of your experts may already be using Gemini. This will enable the market to benefit from an active directory of regularly used experts, and result in the engagement and adoption work being complete ahead of phase 2 go-live which will require full expert and MA engagement.

If you wish to talk this through or become part of the market working group for the phase 2 delivery, please do not hesitate to contact me .

Tim Bowling
Senior Executive, Claims