Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA19-029-SFC  |  01 November 2019

Write-Back October 2019


Write-Back formed part of a claims modernisation initiative in 2015. It is technology driven by data that allows carriers to operate entirely from within their own systems without direct recourse to the central systems provided by Xchanging. It gives carriers the ability to view data and documents currently available in ECF and the IMR through their own systems.

It is the most successful modernisation project of the last five years, handling in excess of 1.5 million claims messages a month. It also responds to the key and future principles of Future at Lloyd’s.

The Write-Back components have delivered:

  • a data-first claims orchestration model
  • real-time, ACORD certified, structured messaging between carriers' claims management systems and the central bureau service
  • real-time workflow with enhanced claims data flowing from broker notification • the ability for carriers to respond to claims 24/7 
  • the removal of touchpoints and rekeying in the claims workflow, agreement and processing stages of a claims lifecycle.


A Write-Back Steering Group consisting of the LMA, DXC, carriers and software providers was established and has provided carriers with significant support in the development and implementation of Write-Back throughout each phase of the project. The Steering Group has oversight of performance, manages the prioritisation of change requests, manages the successful on-boarding of carriers and ensures that the on-going service can respond to future volumes and central service changes.

Current Status


There are currently 39 carriers that have adopted Write-Back, moving away from the central claims platform dependency, and an additional ten carriers are in discussions to organise their adoption of the service in 2020.

There are currently six software providers who are live with the service and who have successfully integrated with a London market carrier. These providers are Charles Taylor Insurance Services, DOCOsoft, FINEOS, Guidewire, Sequel and Xuber.

Project vs Service:

Write-Back has been a live market project funded centrally to support the implementation of the technology and service and support carriers adoption. The service is now deemed 'business-as-usual' which means the LMA-led project will close down from 01 November 2019.

What does this mean?

Any adoption activities, supporting carriers and their providers test and go-live phases will be funded at carriers own cost with go-live supported by central DXC resources. Please find supporting material that provides transparency around the adoption process for Write-Back including the commercials.

  Adoption process for Write-Back


For general enquiries on Write-Back please contact: shanaz.ferreira-cooper@lmalloyds.com or refer to the ECF Website www.ecfinfo.com.

For all adoption enquiries please email wbregistration@Xchanging.com and ecffocusgroup@lmalloyds.com.

Shanaz Ferreira-Cooper 
Technical Executive, Claims