Lloyd's Market Association Bulletin

LMA18-002-PD  |  16 January 2018

Onshore Energy Business Panel – Mothballing & Recommissioning Questionnaire (LMA9142)

Following publication of the Property & Plant Testing & Commissioning Clause (LMA5197A) in January 2014, the LMA’s Onshore Energy Business Panel has recently published a Mothballing and Recommissioning Questionnaire (LMA9142) for use in the onshore oil, gas and petrochemical market.

The new questionnaire follows a similar format to the questionnaire attached to LMA5197A but with specific focus on the steps taken by an insured when mothballing a plant as well as the process being followed prior to recommissioning.

A copy of LMA9142 can be downloaded below:

   LMA9142 Recommissioning Questionnaire

The Questionnaire is also available on the
Onshore Energy Business Panel page on the LMA website.

Any queries regarding this bulletin should be addressed to Patrick Davison: patrick.davison@lmalloyds.com.

Patrick Davison
Manager, Property, Reinsurance and Delegated Underwriting