July 2018

Delegated Authorities Update

As always, developments in the delegated authority space continue, and we’re working closely with both Lloyd’s and the market to provide a more effective framework and tools to support the distribution channel. In doing so, we’re focusing on three different areas at all times – to improve the DA experience for third parties and to drive down duplication and costs for all stakeholders, balanced against a robust oversight framework.

Below are examples of some of the work that will be ongoing through the rest of 2018 and into 2019 to support those objectives.

Delegated Claims Framework
We’ve been working closely with Lloyd’s on scoping the output from the delegated claims thematic review in 2017. A programme of work is being designed to address the findings and the market is driving the design, and the detail of that work. This will cover off the full TPA life cycle, including:
  • Due Diligence and Compliance
  • Terms of Delegation
  • MI and SLA Reporting
  • Effective Claims Audit.


New Binder Wordings
We’ve started to collate feedback and to look at a review of our suite of binder wordings. While we’ve been gathering feedback on the existing binder wordings to ensure that they are fit for purpose, we’re also looking to modernise the wordings themselves.

The existing wordings are well understood in the market and are easy for underwriters and brokers to understand. However, as we move towards digital contracts, we need to ensure that the structure of the contract will work for computers to build and analyse the information in those contracts. This should enable them to be dynamically constructed based on the scope of the contract, and for that data to be reused across the various systems used downstream.

Market Engagement
We’re undertaking two exercises to gather intelligence from the market on DA issues, and will be looking to engage in this way in more detail going forward. This could be either at a general level, looking for feedback on overarching themes, or on detailed technical issues.

  • Delegated Underwriting Survey:
    We’ll shortly be putting a survey out to all of our delegated underwriting contacts to understand how underwriters feel about the existing delegated underwriting framework at Lloyd’s. This will help us to understand more about what works (and what doesn’t), where we can work with Lloyd’s and the market to improve that framework.
  • Large Coordinated Audit Survey:
    We’ve recently been out to all stakeholders involved in the audit process to understand how we can provide more effective guidance on managing audits of large MGAs, TPAs and brokers. This is becoming increasingly important as the Lloyd’s co-ordinated audit programme is in its first year of operation for coverholders and will be further incorporating TPAs into the process.

This article was previously published in the 2018 Spring/Summer edition of Viewpoint


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