Operational Resilience Working Group


Terms of Reference

The Working Group fulfilled its original objectives in the publication of guidance to the market.  Starting from April 2021 it will continue its work for the next 12 months under a new terms of reference  which will focus on:

  • Approach to 3rd parties : brokers, coverholders, DCAs
  • Approach to common service providers : DXC, PPL, LIMOSS, and others
  • Market-wide framework: market testing, supervisory, engagement of third parties
  • Responding to feedback and questions to the guidance as firms begin or continue their own OpRes planning
  • Continue with market benchmarking of progress and playing this back to Managing Agents 
  • Work with the LMA Virtual Academy to help develop market training
Members of the Working Group are listed here.  It is Chaired by Rachel Oliver (Brit)

Guidance Section

Guidance will be updated periodically, when there are sufficient changes or revisions to make updates worthwhile.  They will be version controlled and published here.

   Regulatory documents  
  FCA - Building Operational Resilience PS21/3   
  Operational Resilience: Impact Tolerances for Important Business Services  
  PRA Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management PS7/21  
  Statutory Instrument 2021 /14  
  LMA Response FCA CP19/32     
  LMA Response PRA CP29/19  
   Launch Event  

The Operational Resilience Working Group launched guidance to the market on 29th April 2021. 

 Link to the presentation  


   Guidance document  
   Operational Resilience Working Group Guidance document v1.0 290421  
  Version Control:
Current Version - v1.0 published 29th March 2021
Artefacts to the Guidance document
  Self Assessment PowerPoint Summary Page Template  
  Self Assessment Excel Template  
  Important Business Services Mapping Document  
  ORCG Scenario Testing Guidance v1  

Frequently Asked Questions

We will develop an FAQ section here as responses and questions are raised.

Market Benchmarking 

The Working Group has/will publish surveys to the market on a quarterly basis through to March 2022 and publish the results here to allow members to compare their relative progress against peers. 
March 2021  Results
 June 2021  
 September 2021  
 December 2021  
 March 2022  

Providing Comments or Feedback to the Working Group

Your comments, feedback and questions are not just welcomed, but essential.  Tell us what you like, what you don't like, or what you don't understand! 

As a result of feedback we will
1. respond individually where possible,
2. update the FAQ where appropriate,
3. update the guidance where necessary

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