CISO Forum

The LMA's CISO Forum is open to all senior information security professionals at LMA managing agent member organisations, and other associated firms by invitation.

The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • provide two-way communication to/from the LMA's CISO Committee
  • hold networking events for members
  • increase collaboration and networking of members across LMA member organisations amongst like-minded professionals
  • share threat-intelligence 
  • promote the increase of knowledge of cyber security amongst member organisations in general
  • introduce 3rd party organisations to the Forum community where appropriate.

Programme of Events for 2023  

Events are typically planned 2-3 months in advance

Month Date Title Event Registration Page
February Tuesday 28th Cyber Griffin Threat Simulation Table Top  
March Tuesday 28th Orange Cyber Defence   
April   No event in April  
May  Thursday 4th  From Assumptions to Data Driven Decisions: The Role of Automated Adversary Emulation Event Recording and slides
 June TBC    
  Tuesday 7th  Special workshop on generative AI large language models  Workshop notes download
 July Tuesday 18th 15:00 **Save the date** - Round table on 'dealing with legacy', more details to follow  
 August   Holiday season - no event  
 September  TBC    


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