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Evaluating a US Personal Injury Claim Through The Mock Jury Process


Friday 30 September 2022
Event: 09.00 - 16.30
Venue: Old Library, Lloyd's, London EC3M 7HA


Marine and energy claims professionals, underwriters and brokers.


You are invited to a live mock jury process as used in US litigation in the Old Library at 09.00 on Friday 30 September 2022. 

Our speakers Jeff Tillery, Partner and Sara Kuebel, Associate of Jones Walker LLP, Jason Kenney, Partner and Craig Brewer, Partner of Staines, Eppling & Kenney, LLC, Jo Ellen Livingston, Founding Partner and Eliza Shepherd, Founder & Partner of Livingston & Shepherd Trial Consulting, LLC will discuss the use, advantages and limitations of a mock jury exercise. 

The presentation will then move onto a mock oral argument to a judge whose decision must be incorporated into the mock jury presentations in real time. The mock jury presentations will include a hybrid opening/closing statement (“clopening”) from the attorneys for both sides. Fifteen (15) jury-qualified mock jurors will be empanelled and listening to these presentations in real time from a remote location in Houston, Texas. These jurors will provide feedback on the iPads after each presentation and then will go through the deliberation process, all while the attendees in the Old Library will watch and listen via video and audio feed. 

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the process, use and effectiveness of using mock juries to evaluate US cases for further development, settlement and trial. The attendees will also gain direct insight into how US juries operate, what jurors think about and consider during deliberations, how jurors evaluate and perceive legal cases and why jurors feel certain ways about certain issues.  


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