Major Loss/CAT Resource

This page provides information on Lloyd’s/Lloyd’s managing agents’ major loss/CAT coordination initiatives and activities. During benign CAT periods there is always work ongoing to ensure the market’s CAT readiness. A list of current CAT codes is available on the Lloyd's website, details on major loss tracking codes can be found here (LMA members only, log-in required).

CAT Response Frameworks

The LMA's CAT exposed Sector Groups have individually created CAT frameworks which describe in detail how they will respond collectively to ensure that policyholders/cedants receive the best possible claims service during times of CAT events.

The Frameworks include the Groups’ responses on broker engagement, expert management,  identification of and communication with key stakeholders including Lloyd’s,  coordination of market meetings, coordination of client account reviews and post CAT review ‘lessons learnt’ activities.

Claims Imagery & Intelligence Service

Developed by the LMA, Managing Agents and Lloyd's, the McKenzie Intelligence Service (MIS), has been sponsored and funded by the LMA Claims Committee for one year on behalf of all managing agents. MIS will provide ‘ground truth’ reports 24 hours and 72 hours following a CAT event, delivered via a dedicated portal.

Managing agents can register for the service by contacting Chloe Rees.

The service is managed by the MIS Service Panel (details below). If you have any questions, queries or would like to contact the Service Panel directly, please contact Lee Elliston.

About the MIS Service

Lloyd's Market Strategic Claims Group (LMSCG)

The LMA acts as deputy Chair of this group which is Chaired by Phil Godwin, Head of Claims at Lloyd's. Established in 2007 the group aims to act as a point of coordination during times of major CAT losses, but in the interim also works to ensure that the Lloyd's claims market are prepared to respond quickly and cohesively in the event of the next major CAT. Along with the LMA's Claims Sector Groups, the Lloyd’s Market Strategic Claims Group (LMSCG) also discuss and take decisions on whether CAT or tracking codes should be created.

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