Terms of Reference

Commencing in 2023, all LMA Committees will be subject to the Core Terms of Reference. The Core Terms of Reference are approved by the Board. Each Committee will also have specific Terms of Reference.

LMA Board & High-Level committees

The Board sets the Association's priorities and is supported a number of high-level policy committees.

Main Committees 

Specific market sector committees and specialist technical panels support the high-level committees. Collectively, these committees provide market input and expert knowledge necessary for the LMA's day-to-day work, on a range of key market issues.

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Committee name
Chief Information Security Officers Committee
Delegated Authority Audit Group
Delegated Authority Underwriting Group
Delegated Authority Wordings Group
LMA Delegated Authority Committee
LMA Operations Committee
Next Gen COO Community
Operational Resilience Committee
Operations and Claims Advisory Group
Technology Group